In Loving Memory: Joe A. Martinez


In Loving Memory: Joe A. Martinez

By: The Mirea Family

Dear Brother, You are here with me in my memories within my heart.  You will always be. Dear Brother, I love you so it is so hard to let you go.  I see you everywhere I go. I know you are in God’s loving arms. Dear Brother, save a place for me in heaven. Love your little sister, Rafelita

Thank you to all family and friends who helped us in our loss of our brother, father, uncle. Remember, tell those you love you, love them cause tomorrow may never come.  God bless you all at DeVargas for the beautiful job on my brother. Pastor JD and Ryan for the wake and service.  The power point of my brother was beautifully done and many thanks to our boxing family for the food they donated. May God bless you all. – The Miear Family