Hail Storm Causes Arroyos To Overflow From Hernandez To El Guique

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Arroyos Pour Tons Of Sand Onto Roads, Crews Clean Up Tuesday


El Guique – Motorists traveling in Hernandez, El Guique and other areas just north of Espanola, found themselves in an hailstorm of epic proportion, causing motorists to pull over due to very poor visibility.

C.P. Garcia told the Valley Daily Post that he was returning home from work in Santa Fe and was on U.S. 84-285 in Hernandez when the massive hailstorm hit.

“I had to pull over, I couldn’t see ahead of me. A lot of cars were pulling off the road, too,” Garcia said. He added that the “hail was about the size of a nickel–I thought it was going to dent my Jeep.” After the hail storm subsided, Garcia said “it looked like snow had fallen.” He added that afterward the “arroyos ran like crazy.”  That’s how much hail fell in a matter of minutes he said.

In the vicinity of Chamita, just past the community at the foot of Mesa Prieta (Black Mesa), the storm caused big boulders to roll off the mesa and onto the roadway. The road was closed by County officials Monday after the storm, but on Tuesday morning boulders, sand and  mud were still on the road. By Tuesday afternoon, County road crews had pushed the boulders out of the way and bladed the mud and debris  clearing the County road.

In El Guique, evidence of torrential weather was still being cleaned up by road crews. All arroyos in the area showed signs of heavy runoffs with sand and gravel shifting and covering the roads with a thick layer of sand. Late afternoon Tuesday, road crews were still clearing the El Guique to Lyden road.  One home along that road still had about a foot of water in the yard.

There were no reports of any accidents or injuries due to the summer monsoon season deluge.