Governor Acts On Legislation Focused On New Mexico’s Economy

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Governor Acts On Legislation Focused On New Mexico’s Economy


ALBUQUERQUE—Gov. Susana Martinez signed legislation Tuesday focused on economic development. All the bills signed at this event were passed in the recent legislative session and focus on diversifying New Mexico’s economy and creating more jobs.

One of the bills, Senate Bill 233 was cosponsored by local legislator Rep. Carl Trujillo, D-Nambe and his co-sponsor Sen. Pat Woods, R-Broadview. This bill amends the state’s workers’ compensation insurance to provide predictability to businesses by preventing increases in workers’ compensation insurance costs for temporary disability benefits.

Another bill the governor highlighted included Senate Bill 356, sponsored by Sen. Jacob Candelaria, D-Albuquerque and Rep. Jason Harper, R-Rio Rancho, makes the hearing process for tax disputes independent, so that taxpayers do not have to appear before the same agency that is billing them.

Senate Bill 352, sponsored by Sen. Stuart Ingle, R-Portales, allows the state to offer companies looking to relocate to New Mexico an economic development rate for their electric utilities. This bill is ads another incentive for recruiting new businesses to New Mexico.

Martinez also acted on the following legislation: 

Signed House Bill 39 — Tax Refunds for Senior Services
Signed House Bill 53 — No Compelled Medication for Some Students
Signed House Bill 54 — Anesthesiology Assistant Definitions
Signed House Bill 65 — Autocycle Definitions and Requirements
Signed House Bill 85 — Commercial Code and Voidable Transactions
Signed House Bill 103 — Autism Awareness License Plate
Signed House Bill 155 — Lobbyist Employer Registration
Signed House Bill 164 — School Transportation Information Reporting
Signed House Bill 165 — Remove AYP References in School Code
Signed Senate Bill 4 — Volunteer Firefighter Retirement Service Credit
Signed Senate Bill 8 — Charter School Education Tech Equipment
Signed Senate Bill 61 — Affordable Housing Act Changes
Signed House Bill 171 — Birthing Workforce Retention Fund Awards
Signed House Bill 178 — Career Technical Education Courses and Terms
Signed House Bill 212 — Crisis Triage Service Reimbursement Rate
Signed House Bill 216 — Assignment of Film Production Tax Credits
Signed House Bill 236 — Increase Severance Tax Permanent Fund Flows
Signed House Bill 263 — Geothermal Renewable Energy Certificates
Signed Senate Bill 249 — Geothermal Renewable Energy Certificates
Signed House Bill 274 — Prescription Synchronization
Signed House Bill 287 — Secretary of State Copying Services
Vetoed House Bill 146 — Instructional Material Definitions and Changes
Vetoed House Bill 332 — Reduce Probation Time for Good Behavior