GOP State Pre-Primary Convention Saturday In Albuquerque



Candidates Speaking at State Pre-Primary Convention

News Release from the Republican Party of New Mexico:

Dear Friends,

As you know, we are excited about the upcoming State Pre-Primary Convention this Saturday in Albuquerque. There have been some questions about which candidates are certified by the Secretary of State to speak at our Convention.

Here’s the list of official candidates and their speaking order below:

U.S. Senate
Gavin Clarkson
Elisa Martinez
Mick Rich
Mark Ronchetti
Louie Sanchez

1st Congressional District
Michelle Garcia Holmes
Brett Kokinadis
Jared Vander Dussen

2nd Congressional District
Claire Chase
Yvette Herrell
Chris Mathys

3rd Congressional District
Karen Bedonie
Audra Brown
Anise Golden-Morper *
Alexis Johnson
Harry Montoya

* Pending a hearing with the New Mexico Supreme Court.