Getting Ahead On The Audit Process: Española City Council Selects Auditor


Getting Ahead On The Audit Process: Española City Council Selects Auditor

ESPAÑOLA — At the April 28 Española City Council meeting the Council and Mayor took up the final approval of an RFP, or bid to perform annual audits for the City for fiscal years 2015, 2016 and 2017.

This contract puts in place an auditor who will be responsible for conducting the annual audits for the next three years.

Multiple accounting firms that specialize in auditing local governments were contacted and three were asked to provide responses to the RFP. Two companies provided complete bid packets.

On April 16 the Evaluation Committee met to review all bids using the scored evaluation tool developed for this process. The evaluation criteria include the following  

  • Capability of the firm,
  • Work required & audit approach
  • Technical experience
  • Firms strengths & weaknesses and
  • Cost per year

  The firm Accounting & Consulting outscored the other applicant by a large margin even though their proposed cost is over $2,000 more expensive. The City Council voted to approve the contract with Accounting & Consulting for three years at an annual cost of $64,174.

The adoption of this contract marks a milestone for the city that for the last several years has been delinquent in multiple years of audits. The firm selected at Tuesday’s meeting is currently completing the last delinquent audit and by early summer it is projected the city will be in full compliance with state law. Mayor Lucero commented that because of Accounting & Consulting’s current familiarity with the city’s finances they will be able to quickly jump into the 2015 audit this summer.