“Forests In Jeopardy” Explored At Café Scientifique


“Forests In Jeopardy” Explored At Café Scientifique

Every month Northern New Mexico College hosts a fun and interesting Forum called Cafe Scientifique, where free food, games and information on a specific subject is shared with participants.

This month’s Cafe Scientifique has special significance for Northern New Mexico as it explores the threats our forest are facing over the next few decades due to climate change.

“Forests in Jeopardy” will be a fun and interesting way to explore the serious topic of what may happen with our forest and our local climate as the world continues to warm.

Fascinating presentations and Q&A will be presented by:

  • Collin Haffey (USGS), 
  • Richard Middleton (LANL), 
  • Krys Nvstrom (Wildfire Network), and 
  • Mark Schuetz (Watershed Dynamics) 

This Cafe Scientifique will occur on Wednesday, April 5 at Northern New Mexico College Administrative building, room 100 at 6:45 p.m. Free food and free fun are included for all people who attend.