Flash Flood takes out a section of 155 in Abiquiu Area

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Flash Flood takes out a section of 155 in Abiquiu Area
Town Hall Meeting On Tuesday Will Discuss Issue

ABIQUIU – In a flash flood Tuesday June 9th a portion of 155 already narrowed by earlier floods was taken out and is no longer passable.

The image above shows a drop off of 10′.   The image to the left from Google Earth shows the road prior to this flood, narrowed but still passable in one lane.
As those that live along this stretch of road are familiar, before 155 reaches 84 at the other end, it crosses an arroyo that frequently floods, making it impassable.  Besides the inconvenience, this poses a serious problem for the residents along 155 and the mesas and canyons off 155. Emergency vehicles have no access, workers cannot get to and from jobs, vacation rentals cannot be reached and visitors and residents can become stranded.

UPDATE: Since Friday there was an auto accident on 155.  The western end of that road now has to carry all of the traffic, with turns and section that narrow to one lane. Local residents called it “an accident waiting to happen.”   Until the accident was cleared the residents of 155 were cut off and could not leave or return home. 

TOWN HALL MEETING SCHEDULED: A Town Hall meeting has been scheduled for June 23 at the Rural Events Center with commissioner Danny Garcia. Some residents have begun talking about putting a bridge up over the arroyo on 155 near 156. Planning and Zoning will be present along with Public Works and the Sheriff’s Department.  Bring your concerns to this meeting and be heard.

Rural Events Center 
Hwy 554, Abiquiu, NM

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