Fishing Report Nov. 6

Fishing Report Nov. 6

By George Morse Sports and Outdoors

Judging by the number of fishing areas that have not been reported on, fishing pressure has dropped off noticeably recently. That’s pretty normal for this time of year. A lot of anglers turn their attention to hunting and the colder weather keeps a lot of fair-weather anglers indoors watching football on the weekends.

The emphasis on stocking shifts to Southern New Mexico this time of year and will continue through the winter. These lakes and ponds are referred to as “Winter Trout Waters” and are only stocked in late fall and winter. They get too warm in the summer to sustain trout. They are stocked with catchable-size trout usually about 9-to-10 inches long. Periodically, the State Game and Fish Department will stock larger trout in these waters. Check the stocking reports to see when these stockings of larger trout have taken place.

These stockings in Southern New Mexico are what are called “put and take” stockings. It means the fish are stocked with the intention of them being quickly caught by anglers.

Here in Northern New Mexico, the Department will still be stocking trout in some waters as long as the weather permits and the lakes do not ice over. This is a good time of year for the Department to stock smaller trout into the larger lakes and rivers where trout can survive year around. These are called “put and grow” stockings. These trout are stocked with the intention of having them grow to a catchable size in the lakes they are stocked in by feeding on natural foods.

Reservoirs are still at low levels and streamflows are still below normal. It’s great to see early snow in the mountains and hopefully the start of a good snowpack this winter.

Abiquiu Lake is very low and there are no reports from it. The fishing should be fair for trout and walleye right now. Launching boats is still very difficult here. Shore fishing at Abiquiu is very hit or miss. Lots of the shoreline is very unproductive, with certain areas being much better than others.

The streamflow in the Chama River below Abiquiu Dam is just 102 cubic-feet-per-second. This is a very nice level for fishing and it has been good. This area is heavily-stocked and also has some big, wild brown trout. If you’d like to try for one of those big browns, get away from the more popular spots.

The Chama River below El Vado Dam is also running low at 107 cubic-feet-per-second. The fishing has been good here for brown trout and rainbow trout.

Both El Vado Lake and Heron Lake are very low and the fishing has been slow. The kokanee salmon snagging season starts Friday at Heron. This used to draw crowds of anglers, but it has been slow in recent years. Early indications are it will be slow again.

The fishing is just fair at the Canjilon Lakes now that most of the recently-stocked trout have been caught. There were no reports from the nearby Trout Lakes. They have not been stocked recently and the fishing is probably pretty slow.

There were no reports from Hopewell Lake or from the Rio de los Pinos. It’s likely getting pretty cold here and the trout are slowing down.

The fishing at Fenton Lake State Park has been fair-to-good and will likely stay at least fair until the lake starts to ice over.

There were no reports from the nearby Seven Springs Brood Pond. It should be at least fair.

The only reports on the fishing in the streams in the Jemez area came from the Jemez River and the East Fork of the Jemez River, where it has been fair-to-good. It should be at least fair in the other streams in the Jemez area.

There were no reports from Santa Cruz Lake, which is very low.

The streamflow in the Rio Grande has risen a little, but still below normal. The fishing has been very good for brown and rainbow trout. It’s getting late in the season, but you still might be able to hook a big, wild brown trout if you are willing to hike into the Rio Grande Gorge.

The fishing has been good in the Rio Pueblo near Penasco. This stream is heavily-stocked.

One of the better reports came from the Red River below Questa, where the fishing has been good. The fishing has also been very good at the Red River Hatchery Pond.

Eagle Rock Lake near Questa has also been good. The Questa area looks like a good destination for anglers.

The trout fishing at Eagle Nest Lake has been very good. The fishing for perch is still good. The fishing for northern pike has been just slow-to-fair. It will be interesting to see when Eagle Nest Lake begins to freeze over this year and if there will be an ice-fishing season. Last winter was so mild there never was a real ice-fishing season at Eagle Nest.

The fishing in the Cimarron River in Cimarron Canyon State Park has been good. There were no reports on how the fishing has been in the Gravel Pit Lakes.

The fishing at Lake Maloya at Sugarite Canyon State Park near Raton has been fair-to-good. Like Eagle Nest Lake, it will be interesting to see when Lake Maloya starts to freeze over and if there will be an ice-fishing season here.

The fishing at Storrie Lake State Park near Las Vegas has been slow for trout.

The Gallinas River near Las Vegas was stocked Oct. 27 with 251 rainbow trout. The fishing has been good.

The Pecos River is flowing much better at 46 cubic-feet-per-second. The fishing has been good for brown and rainbow trout. Monastery Lake near Pecos has been fair-to-good for trout.

The kokanee salmon snagging season has been very good at Navajo Lake. Water levels at Navajo Lake are better than they are at Heron Lake and El Vado Lake and that may be why the kokanee salmon fishery here has held up better. Fishing for trout near the salmon runs has been fair-to-good using roe sacks. The fishing for smallmouth and largemouth bass is still good at Navajo and the fishing for northern pike has been fair.

Navajo Lake was stocked Nov. 1 with 17,035 small rainbow trout. This is one of those “put and grow’ stockings.

The San Juan River below Navajo Dam is flowing at 324 cubic-feet-per-second. That is well-below normal for this time of year. The fishing has been very good with a variety of fly patterns in the Quality Waters. The Bait Waters have been good using flies, bait and lures.

The Quality Waters were stocked Nov. 1 with 7,229 small rainbow trout. This was another “put and grow” stocking.

Cochiti Lake has been just slow-to-fair for all species.

Tingley Beach in Albuquerque has been just slow-to-fair for stocked ainbow trout. Thispopular urbanfishing hole needs another stocking for the fishing to pick up. The Department will soon begin stocking the drainage ditches in the Albuquerque area.

Elephant Butte Lake is still very low and the fishing has slowed down. It’s just slow-to-fair for white bass, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. The fishing for catfish has been good in the lake and in the Rio Grande below Elephant Butte Dam.