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Fishing and Other Stuff

By George Morse Sports and Outdoors

Like most hunters last week, I waited anxiously to see the results of the big game license drawing. The news was pretty good for me. I drew an elk license and a deer license. Looks like I’ll get to go hunting this fall.

While driving through a snow storm in Cebolla on my way to the District 5-2A track and field meet, I thought about the resiliency of the young athletes that I would watch compete under such tough conditions.

The snow is going to linger in the mountains thanks to all the late storms we’ve had this year. It’s particularly comforting to see such good snow this late in the Jemez Mountains. I remember back in 2000 when I was driving down to the then Class A-2A track and field meet in Albuquerque and seeing a small plume of smoke in the Jemez. The newspaper said it was a controlled burn that they were watching closely. That controlled burn blew up into the Cerro Grande fire, which destroyed 200 homes in Los Alamos.

I’ll be driving down this weekend to what is now the Class A-3A state track and field meet. The moisture in the mountains this year means there won’t be any big fires this spring.

Brazos Falls is going strong and I need to get a picture of it soon. The upper Chama River is swollen with runoff and it will be awhile before I can fish the stretch of that river below Heron Dam that’s one of my favorite spots. 

The state Game and Fish Department stocked 7,000 yellow perch in Abiquiu Lake a week ago. The perch were taken from Eagle Nest Lake, where they are having a negative impact on the trout and kokanee salmon.

Yellow perch do not grow very large (the world’s record weighed just over four pounds). They are, however, excellent eating if you don’t mind cleaning them. They are best fileted. They should add to the already good fishing for so-called warmwater fish (smallmouth bass, walleye, catfish) that exists at Abiquiu.

If you’re looking for some big trout, they stocked 300 rainbow trout  in Santa Cruz Lake April 27. They averaged 17 inches in length. Another 3,000 catchable rainbow trout averaging 9.7 inches were also stocked in Santa Cruz.

Hopewell Lake is still mostly covered with ice, but it should open up any day now. Laguna del Campo opened Sunday and they’ve already caught at least one 20-incher there. Right now, the lakes will offer the best fishing as the river are swelling with spring runoff.

Good fishing everyone