Fire Burning On Santa Clara Pueblo Land

Santa Clara Fire1
The driver of this pickup controls traffic at approximately 7:50 p.m. Wednesday on the road to the Puye Cliff Dwellings area as two trucks with equipment wait to go up where a fire is burning on the Santa Clara Pueblo. Smoke from this fire could be seen in the Valley as a small plume, while Los Alamos residents report a heavy smoke odor and hazy conditions from this fire.

Fire Burning On Santa Clara Pueblo Land

Staff Report

Wednesday afternoon Santa Clara Pueblo officials reported that a fire was burning in the Santa Clara canyon area and a request for specific assistance was placed to regional fire fighting authorities. At the time of the initial call, officials reported that the fire was estimated to be about 5 acres and burning on pueblo lands. Water tenders, hotshot crews and firefighters have been arriving at the scene throughout the afternoon.

Although a smoke plume was visible during the afternoon in the Valley, residents in Los Alamos report heavy haze and the smell of fire. The Valley Daily Post’s partner paper, the Los Alamos Daily Post is in contact with people at Santa Clara Pueblo so look for updates as they become available.

Smoke from the Santa Clara Pueblo fire as seen from Guaje Canyon earlier this evening. Photo by Josh Smith, Courtesy Los Alamos Daily Post
A plane dropping slurry on the Santa Clara Pueblo fire earlier this evening as seen from Guaje Canyon. Residents of the Pueblo report seeing the plane from their homes as well as Tribal officials traveling back and forth from the fire area. Photo by Josh Smith, Courtesy Los Alamos Daily Post