Fiesta Reina’s Home Burglarized: Fiesta Crown & Scepter Stolen


Fiesta Reina’s Home Burglarized: Fiesta Crown & Scepter Stolen

EDITORS NOTE: Story updated at 2:55 p.m. June 17 to include information provided in interview with former Mayor Richard Lucero

ESPAÑOLA  – Late Tuesday afternoon, the home of Angela Vigil, the 2015 Reina for the Española  Fiesta was burglarized. The perpetrator(s) took several valuable household items and ransacked several rooms. In addition they also stole the scepter and crown worn by every Fiesta Reina for more than forty years.

Angela Vigil and her family who live off South McCurdy Rd. were out of the house for a short period late Tuesday afternoon. When they returned home they found that someone had broken a window at the back of the house to gain access and had taken several items including a few TV’s and a new Play Station 3 game system. Vigil said “the worst hit room was my bedroom. They turned it upside down.” The Fiesta crown and scepter were placed together, along with the necklace and earrings Angela wears when attending Fiesta events.

“The strange thing is they left the necklace and earrings which are very valuable and took the crown and a suitcase I use when I travel,” said Vigil, adding “I feel responsible. It was placed in my care and it was stolen. They are not going to get far with that crown and scepter.”

The Fiesta crown is owned by the Fiesta Council and has been passed down from Reina to Reina since the early 1980’s. Although custom made to serve as the Fiesta Reina’s crown, it has limited monetary value and is likely to not earn much for the thieves. It does however hold a great deal of cultural and sentimental value for many people in the community.

In an interview with the Valley Daily Post, former Mayor Richard Lucero who helped revive the Española Fiestas in 1969 said the Fiesta Council originally used a brass crown brought from Spain but had one specially made in the early 1970’s and he believes this is the one they were still using.

Mark Trujillo who serves as the liaison for the City of Española on the Fiesta Council asks if anyone should come across the crown or scepter, for them to return it, no questions asked. They may drop it in the library book return at the Lucero Center anonymously.

Also Tuesday evening, a neighbor who lives near the Vigil residence called the police to report an older model pickup truck parked on the street. When he approached the truck the occupants drove away quickly and a TV fell out of the open back. The neighbor was reportedly able to get a partial license plate number and description of the vehicle.

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