“Febrero Loco”: Winter Strikes Again

Scene of fresh snow in the valley Tuesday morning. Photo by Robert A. Naranjo with the Valley Daily Post

“Febrero Loco”: Winter Strikes Again

By Robert A. Naranjo

Past generations of Espanola Valley residents were fond of calling the month of February, “Febrero Loco,” or “Crazy February” because it was a month that always brought crazy weather. It could be sunny like Spring one day, and  “Old Man Winter,” comes knocking the next day.

Coming up is “Marzo Poco” or “Little (in) March” as it was still too cold to plant in the Valley, so March brought little except “viento” or windy weather and locals would say, “esta muy vientoso” or it’s very windy.

These sayings were used primarily because everyone back then eagerly waited for the start of planting season (mid-May) with acequias getting cleaned out in March or April and fields were plowed and prepared for planting. It was critical to nearly every family to have a garden and raise animals for most of their food.

Today, we have Walmart and few Valley residents bother with gardens but  some people still plant a garden, grow alfalfa, or fruit trees to preserve their water rights.

The EspaƱola Valley is indeed a special place.