Family Argument Ends In Shooting

Robert Chavez mug shot taken Friday morning at Santa Fe County Detention Center. Courtesy image

Family Argument Ends In Shooting

ESPAÑOLA  – Early Friday morning, July 17, officers responded to a 9-1-1 call placed by Connie Chavez.  Chavez called Española  Police after an argument had erupted between her husband, Robert Chavez (52) and son, Joseph Chavez (24).

According to Española Police Department Corporal Daniel Espinoza, Robert and Joseph Chavez were heavily drinking at their home Thursday, July 16 when Connie Chavez arrived home from work that evening and was asked to purchase additional liquor for the Chavez men. After returning home with the purchased alcohol, Robert and Joseph Chavez continued to “take shots” and began arguing about which man spoke better English and Spanish. 

After a heated debate, Joseph Chavez threw his cellphone at Robert Chavez and struck him in the face.  In retaliation, Robert Chavez entered the home and re-emerged with a 357 magnum revolver and shot Joseph in the right shoulder.

As police officers arrived on the scene, shortly after midnight, Robert Chavez was in the street waiting with his injured son and wife and quickly asked officers, “have you ever shot your son because I just shot my kid.” After a quick search of the property, the 357 magnum revolver was located under that couple’s mattress. 

Robert Chavez is being held at the Santa Fe County Detention Center is being charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated battery.