EVHS “Shelter In Place” Order Issued

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EVHS “Shelter In Place” Order Issued

On Tuesday, Oct. 6 the Espanola Public School District issued a “Shelter in place” precautionary measure at Espanola Public High School (EVHS), meaning students were sheltered within the building with added security and law enforcement presence. 

The school with the support of local law enforcement is actively investigating a social media threat, they are monitoring the situation and feel students are reasonably safe and have not instituted a lock down at this time.  Classes are resuming as normal with added precaution.

Subsequent calls to the District office confirmed that the “Shelter in Place” order was lifted by 10 a.m. and regular class schedules were maintained. Extra security is being provided by police at the campus as the investigation into a possible threat on social media continues.

Parents were also able to pick up their children if they wished but are required to show identification at the gate.

Law enforcement is following up on a lead in the investigation.