EVHS & Pojoaque Football Under The Lights

Sundevils marching to the end zone in the second Quarter. Photo by Robert Naranjo with the Valley Daily Post.

EVHS & Pojoaque Football Under The Lights
“EspaƱola Valley Sundevils Lightning Strikes Pojoaque,Too, 54-0”

By Robert A. Naranjo
Friday night 9/11 under the lights at Sundevil Stadium was yet another lightning show by the Espanola Valley Sundevil football team.
Pojoaque tried valiently but couldn’t stop the Sundevils’ lightning storm which also hit El Paso, Texas Cathedral and fried West Las Vegas.

Quarterback  Marcos “Zeus” Flores was running like lighting, handing off and throwing thunderbolts to Tommy Trujillo whom finished with 3 electrical TDs, Josh Belmontes was shockingly great and the Sundevil Offensive and Defensive lines were power plants that lit up Sundevil Stadium and sold the extra energy to Jemez Electric Cooperative.
A reported record electrified crowd was announced by KDCE’s RG and Big Rud during the game. All the energy lighting up the sky was seen as far away as Albuquerque whom promptly sent  their Channel 13 helicopter to the stadium to see for themselves. Last word was that the 13 News Copter was headed to the Sandia Labs for a debriefing to scientists on this possible new source of energy derived from Sundevils’ lightning.
Powering down for now… Coach Miguel Medina, when asked what he thought about the game thus far with his Sundevils leading 48-0 at the half, told Valley Daily Post Sports, ‘”…they say we don’t play anyone, so we have to play like this. But, we’re leading this game… because we work harder.” Coach Miguel Medina then headed to join his hard-working football team likely unaware that 48 points scored by his Sundevils was likely another school record.
The third Quarter was more of the same but it took the Sundevils’ generators a short while to get revved up again. Even the KDCE announcers told listeners that it seemed that the Sundevils were letting that missed two point conversion late in the second Quarter that would have ended the game right then and there at 50-0, bother them a little bit in the third Quarter.
However, the lightning started up again naturally and the  Sundevils scored again ending the game in the third Quarter on the “mercy rule.”
The final score was 54-0, EVHS over Pojoaque in this highly anticipated game by both communities. So anticipated that an attendance record was set at Sundevil Stadium on 9/11/15 eclipsing crowds of the early 90’s football team under Coach David Church that shared a District title and went to the State playoffs.
EVHS now is 3-0 on the season with the Fort Wingate  Bears coming to Sundevil Stadium. Bears don’t like lightning either!