Española Valley Community Council meets Sunday

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Española Valley Community Council meets Sunday

The Española Valley Community Council holds its second meeting from 2 – 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 17. All residents of the Española Valley are invited to attend.

Bob Dunsmore, who moderated the first meeting, wrote, “This second Council will be moderated by three women as we are especially interested in hearing the voices of women, the elderly and our youth, so often ignored or silenced. Being heard is assured as we have adopted the use of the Talking Stick.”

The council’s Jan. 20 inaugural meeting was attended by representatives of the Black, Sikh, Caucasian, Hispanic, Latino and Native American communities.  The first resolution adopted at that meeting reads,

“We, the People of the Espanola Valley, adopt as our guiding criteria for all discussion, sharing and actions, that of the Principle of the Seventh Generation. Anything that is challenged and agreed to be detrimental, or of no benefit to the Seventh Generation, shall not be considered.”

Dr Richard Bailey, President of Northern New Mexico College, was the keynote speaker at that event.

“The greatness in our community is something that exists within each of us. One of Dr. King’s sayings was that darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. So the question for us is, how can we harness the light within ourselves. As individual sticks we can be broken, but if we decide to come together, to bind ourselves together, then that bundle of sticks becomes unbreakable,” Baily said.

“But the glue, the adhesive, is simply actual mutual respect, love, appreciation and understanding. Really the only way to get to that is to learn about what we all care about, to celebrate our differences…The genius of the vision for this gathering is to really listen to each other with an open heart and an open mind. Its an effort to fight to gain appreciation and respect for those who think differently. When we do there is no obstacle that cannot be solved together. That is something truly worth celebrating.”

For more information call 505-423-2468.