Española Police Promote Three New Sergeants

Newly promoted sergeants from left to right, Jason Gallegos, Greg Esparza, and Eric Gallant. Photo by Valley Daily Post

Española Police Promote Three New Sergeants

Staff Report

Chief Richard Gallegos announced that the Española Police Department has created and filled three sergeant positions. Chief Gallegos explained that the promotions are about bringing a more complete chain of command to the force, thereby enabling police to be more responsive and responsible to the public’s immediate needs and ongoing investigations.  

The selection process for the sergeants was administered by the City’s Human Resources department, which reviewed the qualifications of each applicant.

The three newly promoted sergeants are as follows:
            Sergeants Eric Gallant
            Sergeants Greg Esparza
            Sergeants Jason Gallegos


Española police department had been without a sergeant for several years. Creating the three sergeant positions will enable each shift to have a commanding officer on hand for any developments and a clear chain of command for all officers to follow, said Chief Gallegos.