Española House Fire Fire Exceeds Water Capacity Of Hydrants


Española House Fire Fire Exceeds Water Capacity Of Hydrants

Staff Report

On Dec. 26, at approximately 4 P.M. a fire broke out in a house on East Pueblo Drive in Española. The two-story house was quickly engulfed in a large fire that ended up gutting the structure.

A woman was in the house when the fire broke out, but escaped with the help of her boyfriend. The woman was later transported to Española Hospital for treatment.

Lieutenant Teresa Martinez, the lead fire fighter overseeing the incident reported that when the city fire department arrived on the scene they discovered that the fire was burning so fast that “the demand for water was more that the capacity of the hydrants in that area.” Martinez stated that all fire hydrants on that street run on a single loop system and the water capacity of that system was simply overwhelmed by the size of the fire. “We had to run another 900 feet of hose to Riverside Drive to get the water needed to extinguish the fire” said Martinez.

Martinez reports that the cause of the fire is still under investigation. An initial incident report stated that Española Police interviewed the woman who was in the house, after she was transported to the hospital. The woman allegedly reported that she had started the fire with torn up paper in an attempt to commit suicide. The incident report confirms that the State Fire Marshal is overseeing the investigation.