Espanola Comprehensive Plan Update


Espanola Comprehensive Plan Update

The city of Española continues to work with community stakeholders towards the development of a comprehensive plan. The “Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee” (SC) met again the week of Dec. 4 to continue their work, with the goal of presenting their findings and recommendations to the City Council sometime in March.

See below for a summary of the steering committee provided by City Manager Mark Trujillo.

  • The SC has roughly 25-30 members, comprised of people from across the City’ civic, institutional, business, and residential communities.
  • Members of SC are holding small group discussions at their homes or in a public place.  The discussions are aimed at identifying core values and principals of the community.
  • The second steering meeting focused on the outcomes of the small group sessions and establishing goals of the comprehensive planning process.
  • The SC was also given a second round of small group discussion questions for the third SC meeting in early Feb.
  • After the third meeting, the consultants will you use the information being generated in the small group sessions to begin formulating a series of surveys and questionnaires aimed at confirming the goals and priorities of the community.
  • The Consultants will be back in March, at which time they will make a formal presentation to the City Council to review their findings and explain next steps.
  • In the meantime, the consultants will continue to work with the Planning Department and the Technical Advisory Committee (comprised of City Department Directors and Division Leads) to supply the consultants with current and accurate operational information.
  • We encourage everyone to visit the project website to stay up to date and informed as to where we are in the process, and track the progress that is being made.  The url is , and a link to the site is available on the planning page of the new City website, .