EB&T Brings 144 Students To Bradbury Science Museum


Chelsea Redman, BSM Community Educator (left) interacts with students from Tony Quintana Elementary during a recent field trip to the Bradbury Science Museum. The bus ride to the museum was made possible by a partnership between the BSMA and Enterprise Bank & Trust. Photo by Ryn Herrmann, BSMA President


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BSMA News:

The 2020 Spring semester starts the 4th year that Enterprise Bank & Trust (EB&T), formerly Los Alamos National Bank, and the Bradbury Science Museum Association (BSMA), have been in a partnership to provide bus transportation for many Title 1 schools in northern New Mexico to visit the Bradbury Science Museum in Los Alamos.

Most recently, EB&T provided the bus transportation for 144 students from Mora Elementary School in Mora, Tony Quintana Elementary in Espanola, Atalaya Elementary in Santa Fe and Pecos Elementary in Pecos, NM.

“Through a continued partnership with Enterprise Bank & Trust, the Bradbury Science Museum Association is pleased to continue providing student field trips for students attending Title 1 schools in northern New Mexico.  Because of this partnership, hundreds of students have and will enjoy the inspiring STEM experience of the Bradbury Science Museum,” Ryn Herrmann, BSMA President said.

During the field trip, the students enjoy projects with themes ranging from engineering to history based on the age of the group.  These projects include building a tower out of 50 3×5 cards that can support the weight of a particular stuffed animal, designing wind turbine blades that are tested on a miniature wind turbine, designing a speaker that is as loud as possible, designing a structure that will survive an earthquake, watching the movie “Racing Towards Dawn” and then doing series of activities using the same communication technics used during WWII and playing “Battleship” using Morse Code on two telegraph stations that are hooked together.

Liddie Martinez, Enterprise Bank & Trust President of the Los Alamos Region and Director of Community Engagement is the partnership representative and liaison to the BSMA.  “Enterprise Bank & Trust is committed to providing educational opportunities for our neighboring students. Access to regional museums fosters a greater understanding of our very diverse state and creates the community connections that are the seeds of collaboration producing our future leaders.  It is an honor to partner with the Bradbury Science Museum and its Association.”

About the Bradbury Science Museum Association:

 The BSMA is the 501(c)3 non-profit partner to the Bradbury Science Museum with the mission of promoting STEM education opportunities for people of all ages; and providing field trips for low-income students throughout northern New Mexico is one example of the BSMA’s STEM education outreach efforts. To learn more about the BSMA, visit www.bradburyassociation.org.


Mel Strong, BMS Community Educator (standing) leads students from Atalaya Elementary through a discussion during a recent field trip to the Bradbury Science Museum. Photo by KayLinda Crawford, BSMA Board Member