DWI Checkpoints Coming Our Way

Sobriety checkpoint

DWI Checkpoints Coming Our Way

Sobriety Checkpoints Throughout New Mexico This September

New Mexico State Police have announced a major Sobriety Checkpoints, Saturation Patrols, and Registration, Insurance and Drivers’ License Checkpoints operation in all New Mexico counties during the month of September.

By publicizing this extensively they hope that drivers will become extra weary of driving under the influence, and that this will become a habit extending beyond this September.

“Our efforts continue to show a significant reduction in alcohol related fatalities,” a police spokesman said. “This is attributed to the continued media attention and intensive advertising. These checkpoints are helping to change society’s attitude about drinking and driving.

People are choosing to not drink and drive. This is the biggest step in keeping impaired drivers from crashing into our friends and families.  Hundreds of lives could be saved each year if every driver had the courage to make the right decision.”