Don’t Stop Breathing

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Don’t Stop Breathing

For over 40 years, members of the Sikh and 3HO spiritual community have lived and worked among us and given unselfishly of their time and resources to the Española Valley.

They are strong and vibrant community of over 350 members, with a mission to serve humanity. Seva (selfless service) is a high priority in their lifestyle and every aspect of their community revolves around the selfless service of its sangat (congregation) members. Along with serving two free community meals a week and supplying take home meals for at-risk youth now, residents of the Valley are invited to participate in the 13th Lord of Miracles Tour in Honor of Guru Ram Das.

The 2-hour event will involve 3 simple breathing meditations or exercises that come from the ancient science of Kundalini Yoga. All the participants will learn how to breathe and too discover their joy and vitality. It will include some lecture and a lot of music for the meditations. The event will be led by Singh Sahib Gurubacham Singh Khalsa, who travels every year on the Lord of Miracles Tour to 13 cities in South America and 23 cities in Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan.

As Gurubacham Singh Khalsa explains, “Humanity is at a crossroads. People are suffering. The stress. The insecurities. The anger. The frustrations, confusion, and doubts. We all have it and it creates a lot of problems in our lives, personally and professionally.” This fear, according to Gurubacham Singh Khalsa, “takes away the taste of life, happiness and prosperity. It is our interest to serve our city of Española and share with them these simple breathing techniques to elevate their life.”

Gurubacham Singh Khalsa and the Sikh community invite all residents to participate in this transformative experience on Saturday, November 7th from 2-4p.m. at the Plaza de Española. Food will be served immediately following the event.

Click below to see a video of a similar lecture in the Great Hall of Honor in the National Congress of Chile. In its 210 year history, they were the first to speak in the Hall of Honor, which is typically only reserved for the President of Chile.