¿Dónde le duele? Where does it hurt? Spanish for Medical Professionals

¿Dónde le duele? Where does it hurt? Spanish for Medical Professionals

UNM-Los Alamos (UNM-LA) is offering the class Spanish for Medical Professionals beginning on Jan. 18. The class will meet from 7-7:50 a.m. Mondays and Wednesdays, with part one meeting Jan. 18-March 10, and part two meeting March 20-May 12. This class will help students learn to communicate more effectively with Spanish speaking patients.

Instructor Patty Moore has been teaching Spanish at UNM-LA since 1996. Moore related, “A nurse from the Children’s Clinic who took this class said it has been very beneficial. When she can communicate with patients in their first language they feel welcome and become comfortable more quickly.”

Students will learn how to ask questions in Spanish while they are taking a patient’s vital signs, how to have a basic discussion of chief complaints, prescriptions, diet, and follow-up instructions. They will also learn expressions to qualify and quantify pain, and to talk to a parent about their child patient.

The class will focus on verbal communication through role playing. Students will practice taking medical histories and discussing eating habits as they learn vocabulary, key phrases, and dialogs based on common medical situations.

UNM-LA Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Cindy Rooney noted, “We are pleased to provide the class ‘Spanish for Medical Professionals’ this semester to assist local medical professionals with their communication skills for Spanish speaking clients.” 

Spanish for Medical Professionals, GNST 193 CRN 40837, is taught in two continuous sessions. Students are encouraged to take the first session before joining the second. No previous knowledge of Spanish is necessary. The required textbook, “Spanish for Healthcare Providers, Premium with CD,” is available through the UNM online bookstore at http://bookstore.mbsdirect.net/unm.htm.

For information about registration, contact UNM-LA Student Services at 505-662-5919. To learn more about UNM-LA visit http://losalamos.unm.edu