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Donald Trump Jr. Visit Raises Money For State GOP

RPNM News:
ALBUQUERQUE — Donald Trump Jr. spent Thursday morning in Bosque, N.M. three days after his father hosted a rally in Rio Rancho.
Donald Trump, Jr.
Trump Jr. was a special guest at a fundraising event hosted by the Republican Party of New Mexico, which raised approximately $327,000.
RPNM Chairman Steve Pearce attended the event and released the following statement:

“This has been an exciting week for New Mexico! We are extremely grateful to have both the President and Donald Trump Jr. visit our great state.

“Today’s event was one of the largest fundraising events in RPNM history. This would not have been possible without the support and attendance from Trump Jr.

“The $327,000 we raised yesterday is a reflection of the intensity of support we have received since the President’s visit here. The Trump Team is committed to winning our state. I absolutely support them, let’s flip New Mexico red!”