Delancy Street and EVHS ROTC Team Up To Help Those In Need

Delancy St
EVHS students, Delancy Street personnel and Efren Sanchez who helped connect the groups pose for a photo while they load donations into cars. Valley Daily Post photo

Delancy Street and EVHS ROTC Team Up To Help Those In Need

Staff Report

Tuesday afternoon three EVHS students and members of the school’s JR ROTC program travelled to the Delancy Street property in Alcalde to pick up several boxes of donations for families in need and kicked off what they hope will be a long term cooperative relationship with Delancy Street, one of the strongest community giving organizations in New Mexico.

Delancy Street, a nationwide organization which focuses on serving former substance abusers, ex-convicts, homeless and others has five locations nationwide including the location in Alcalde. This national organization has developed a network of corporate contributors who provide them with donations of food, clothing and other items. When the organization has more than they can use they donate them to other organizations that serve the needy.

Herman Leporowski with Delancy Street explained that they share these contributions with shelters, soup kitchens and the high school. This is the first time they have given to the ROTC program.

The EVHS students and their ROTC program have been quietly operating a resource service for students and others in the community who are in need. When informed about people in need they take up donations and deliver them to those in need.

Liliana Martinez, a junior at EVHS and member of the ROTC explained “we’ve seen groups like Delancy street helping people. As kids we want to help around the community.” Hannah Gallegos and Shania Martinez, both seniors at EVHS explained how the ROTC organization at the high school has worked with various community organizations to provide to students and familes in need.

The three students and the Delancy Street residents packed up two cars with bags and boxes of goods, which the EVHS students then took back to the ROTC building for distribution.

But both groups do not see this ending here but rather view this initial meeting as possibly opening a new channel for serving the community.