Credit Union’s Community Outreach Makes A Difference

Zia Credit Union staff and other volunteers at Ranchitos Park on Saturday. Courtesy photo

Credit Union’s Community Outreach Makes A Difference

By Robert A. Naranjo

On Saturday, October 24, Zia Credit Union employees, their friends and family, along with Councilors Peggy Sue Martinez and Adrianna Ortiz rolled up their sleeves with the City of Española’s parks crew Ben Martinez and Jonathon Salazar to help clean and pull weeds at the Ranchitos Park.

City Councilor Peggy Sue Martinez, (on left), is shown here helping Renee Valerio, (middle), and Zia CU’s Annitte Lujan fill  large trash bags with weeds cut at Ranchitos Park. Valley Daily Post image

Zia Credit Union formally adopted Ranchitos Park as part of the City of Española’s “Adopt a Park” initiative last Thursday, and on Saturday several Zia employees were on site cutting and pulling weeds. They also raked, painted dug outs, picked up trash, cut Chinese Elms and will soon resurface the basketball courts.

This effort is the latest in a series of community outreach efforts implemented by Zia Credit Union. Earlier in the month Zia employees spent the day on a “pay it forward” campaign where they paid for gas, groceries and lunch for unsuspecting community members around town. Zia only asked that recipients pay the favor forward to someone else in the future.

In addition to Zia, Del Norte Credit Union has also adopted a city park, adopting Valdez Park earlier this year. Both Zia Credit Union, Del Norte and everyone involved invite anyone interested to get involved and join them at one of their upcoming clean up days.

Taking time from the Ranchitos Park Clean-up Day to pose for a photo are Zia Credit Union employees. They were doing a good job and they said they hoped people help. Valley Daily Post image

Kid Power! Kids can help clean the park, too! Especially Super Hero kids like Dylan who’s wearing his helmet just in case, and his sister, Kaitlyn whom was the Reina’s Page for Las Fiestas de Española y Oñate this past summer. Mayor Alice Lucero calls her “La Reinecita” (Little Queen). Kaitlyn’s mother, City Councilor Adrianna Ortiz, says Kaitlyn wants to grow up to be the Fiesta Queen. Valley Daily Post photo

City Community Services Director, Mark Trujillo, seems to point at Leonard Lujan who was painting the rails and steps that lead to the baseball field and bleachers. Valley Daily Post image