Community Choir Preps For Caroling At The Plaza


Community Choir Preps For Caroling At The Plaza


Christmas carols will fill the air come Dec. 14 during the Electric Light Parade festivities. All in thanks to Brian Wingard, the music director at the Española Valley High School. Thursday, Nov. 19, Mr. Wingard held his first public rehearsals for the community choir he put together through a Facebook campaign. More than 22 individuals from the community, young and old showed up to the Theater at the Northern New Mexico Campus to take part. It was a two hour rehearsal of learning basic singing and breathing techniques before each individual would be placed into a section in accordance with their singing range. Then it was off to learning the harmonies of two Holiday classics, Silent Night and Feliz Navidad.

This was a one of a kind endeavor by Mr. Wingard, who sought to bring the community together through music. His passion for music and devotion shined through via his current and former students who showed up, front and center for this special occasion. His kindness, patience, passion and commitment throughout this rehearsal was inspiring to many of the choir participants. One community choir participant said “it is the perfect uplifting spirit that you will see come time for the performance out on the Plaza.”

Thursday was the first of three rehearsals, with the next two coming Dec. 3 and 10, again at the Theatre on the Northern New Mexico Campus. These rehearsals are in preparation for a performance in the Gazebo during the Electric Light Parade comes Dec. 13.