Commissioner Trujillo Holds Chimayo Town Hall


Commissioner Trujillo Holds Chimayo Town Hall

Community members and Rio Arriba County employees joined Commissioner Barney Trujillo for a town hall Monday, August 3 at the Arboleda Community Center in Chimayo. Commissioner Trujillo welcomed residents and was excited to share news of a new grounds keeper for the Arboleda Community Center. Along with daily maintenance of the facility, security cameras have been installed and police patrols have increased by police. Building Rentals Director, John Paul Romero noted that with 120-150 people using the facility a day, the need for restrooms and additional shade structures has become increasingly more important.  Romero shared that a state of the art restroom facilities and shade structures had been purchased and would be installed in 3-4 weeks.

Public Works Director, Napoleon Garcia addressed the crowd and answered questions concerning county roads. Residents had major concerns regarding flooding areas and a lack of maintenance in Chimayo. With 586,000 square miles for a crew of 12 to cover, Garcia expressed, “we are trying to stay on top of it but are falling behind.”  Garcia also noted that along with some bridge projects, County Road 87 is scheduled to be fixed as early as next week.  Trujillo encouraged Garcia to create a schedule, so residents know where the crews are working. 

In an attempt to call the crowds’ fears over trash removal, Trujillo explained what is happening with North Central Solid Waste Authority (NCSWA) and its manager, Gino Romero. He explained that his frustration with Romero stems from the fact that, “when he wants to raise rates, without knowing where we are at as a community, I have a problem because we have to pay for the people that aren’t paying.” Trujillo went on to discuss that regardless of what happens between negotiations with the County and NCSWA, it’s “the County’s responsibility to pick up your trash.”

With his recent election as Chairman of LANL Coalition, Trujillo discussed the need to address shortcomings in the federal procurement code that are negatively impacting our local businesses that contract with LANL. He announced his priorities for the 2016 New Mexico legislative session.  Those included lobbying for resources to ensure a mutual domestic in Chimayo and fix McCurdy Road.