Column: Nature’s Presence


by Marcie Martinez

Nature’s Presence is a column that shares its name with my web site and gives a nod first to nature’s presence all around us and, second, to the gifts (presents) that nature has given us for optimal health. Expect to read about various concepts relating to natural healing and tips for looking to nature to enjoy whole health and well being. For a more detailed look into natural healing concepts you may find my blog at I created this column in the hopes of “getting back to our roots” as well as helping others find ultimate health in this crazy world of pharmaceuticals and fast food. Here’s to your health!

Disclaimer: The information in this column is intended for informational purposes only, and represents the views of the author. Consult a physician for any health concerns or for further information.


“Except for light and infrared heat, we can’t perceive any of these energies without instruments, so most people don’t realize how drastically and abruptly we’ve changed the electromagnetic environment in just one century.” — Dr. Robert O. Becker

Energy exists at various frequencies ranging from microwaves at billions or millions of cycles per second (gigahertz or megahertz) to radio frequencies (RF) down to extremely low frequencies (ELF). In between are the UHF (ultrahigh frequencies), VHF (very high frequencies), etc. With the increase in electronic technologies there has been a great increase in these frequencies, most of which are unseen.

The natural frequency of living beings is fairly low and generally energy is only absorbed in those ranges, with only a small amount of energy absorbed at higher frequencies.  Prior to the electronic age this meant living beings enjoyed a fairly silent energy spectrum, with the main sources of energy being in the cosmos and the low, naturally occurring and healthy fields of the earth. With the advent of everything from battery operated devices to metal refining plants, antennas, cell phone towers, electric substations, TVs, satellites and beyond, humankind and indeed all living things have been subjected to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).

Energy emitted in the background by every array of substation, electronic meter, and transmitting device imaginable is called electromagnetic pollution. If this type of pollution were visible to the naked eye it would look like the heavy smog seen in some of the largest, most polluted cities. Although electromagnetic pollution is not seen it is wreaking havoc on our bodies nonetheless.

Some of the damage caused by EMFs is so subtle we barely realize it is happening. It can manifest as stiffness in the joints first thing in the morning, headaches at various times of day, and even lack of sleep at certain times of night.

Certain environments can increase the damage several-fold. For example, rain creates reflective surfaces allowing these signals not only to pass through the environment but also to bounce off surfaces creating an increase in the amount of signals. These rogue signals cause damage on a cellular level and also by disrupting the communication between the brain and the body through the nerves.

Unfortunately unless we band together to demand a reduction in these EMFs, we are stuck with this pollution. Things will not be getting better anytime soon. The question is, what can we do on an individual level to protect ourselves and our families so we are disease-free or at least minimizing the damage from this pollution?

First, unplug as much as possible. This means minimize your viewing of TV, especially high definition television, which is known to emit greater amounts of frequencies than regular TVs.  It is never a good idea to have a TV in your bedroom, as it is too tempting to keep it on while you sleep, which further disrupts the healing process of the body.

Unplug other devices as well. If you are not using your appliances, unplug them because even when they are not in use they are emitting energy as long as they are connected to an electrical source. By no means should you sleep near any electronic devices, even simple digital alarm clocks are not a good idea. The worse thing to do is sleep next to your cell phone, especially if it is receiving wireless signal. Turn off your wi-fi router at night and when it is not in use.

Finally, learn to use techniques that help clear the EMFs in your own space. Because we are energetic beings and our brains are capable of sending its own signals to our bodies, we are capable of doing much more than we realize to affect our electromagnetic environment. In upcoming columns I will be discussing various methods of doing this, including healing modalities that are already well-known. In the meantime, check out this video on this subject to learn more: