Column: Nature’s Presence


Column: Nature’s Presence

By Marcie Martinez, Founder of NaturesPresence.Net

Nature’s Presence is a column that shares its name with my web site and gives a nod first to nature’s presence all around us and, second, to the gifts (presents) that nature has given us for optimal health. Expect to read about various concepts relating to natural healing and tips for looking to nature to enjoy whole health and well being. For a more detailed look into natural healing concepts you may find my blog at I created this column in the hopes of “getting back to our roots” as well as helping others find ultimate health in this crazy world of pharmaceuticals and fast food. Here’s to your health!

Disclaimer: The information in this column is intended for informational and educational purposes only. If you require medical attention it is imperative that you seek medical advice from a competent practitioner.

The Importance Of Energy – Part One


I had intended on starting a series called The Miracle of Chiropractic Care. I was told by my intuition that series could wait and I should start this one instead. As with many topics it will take much more than one column to convey my message. This may or may not be released as a consecutive series but rest assured this is a topic that will be discussed at great length.

I can’t say when I came to understand the importance of energy but as I get older it is something that becomes more and more relevant, prevalent, and obvious. In order to understand the importance of energy one must first ask, ‘what IS energy?’ Energy can signify many things but at its core it is in fact the scientific phenomenon – power. Scientifically it can be kinetic (active) or potential. As an engineer and materials scientist, and even more so as a former weapons engineer, I am well aware of the scientific implications of energy. Energy encompasses so many things but these days I am more interested in energy as it affects each individual on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level.

Anyone who knows me and who has had any kind of meaningful conversation with me knows I place a great deal of importance on energy. I often discuss the energy of a space, of an individual, and even of an idea. Energy is quite possibly the most important phenomenon today, which has such a huge bearing on our lives and health, that the fact of it being invisible can be very deceiving so as to place us in various types of great danger. What many people do not know or realize is the potential they have to create not only ultimate health but also even great wealth simply by understanding and harnessing energy. Just because energy cannot be seen does not mean it is not important or, especially, that it cannot help us greatly in our personal lives both internally and externally.

I realize this topic runs the gamut from being über-scientific to über-weird. It is my hope to take some of the mystery out of it so it becomes a viable and worthy topic of discussion with regards to nature’s presence all around us and, especially, with regards to natural health and natural healing.

I remember the first conversation with my dog’s homeopathic veterinarian about issues my little dog was having at the time. I was new to natural health but found what she had to say to be very fascinating, not to mention she held a level of respect simply for being a trained specialist in her field. One of the things she told me was that my dog’s issues were energetic and she said we all, as living beings, were mostly energy – “we look much more dense than we are.” As difficult as it was to grasp this I allowed it to sink in and, coupled with my scientific background, have managed to come to some understanding of what she meant.

Consider the color spectrum – a most interesting phenomenon when you really think about it. The colors we see are based on reflections. Say what? According to an Internet dictionary color is defined as “the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light.” This means color is not something tangible but a perception. It is my belief that most of our “reality” is a perception as well.

Without venturing into the Twilight Zone, at least not until I adequately explain why this is all necessary to understand in terms of “Nature’s Presence” and natural health, let me just say that we are far too rooted in what we believe is reality – the tangible and visible. This is a topic that has been discussed by scholars of all sorts – success coaches and motivational speakers, naturopathic and homeopathic doctors, of course spiritual leaders, priests, etc., and, especially scientists. It really isn’t that weird. We just aren’t discussing it enough.

With that said, next few columns I will discuss some interesting concepts and points to ponder with regards to energy and the things we cannot see but are nonetheless there and affecting our world, our lives, and our health. To be continued!