Column: Nature’s Presence


Column: Nature’s Presence

By Marcie Martinez, Founder of NaturesPresence.Net

Nature’s Presence is a column that shares its name with my web site and gives a nod first to nature’s presence all around us and, second, to the gifts (presents) that nature has given us for optimal health. Expect to read about various concepts relating to natural healing and tips for looking to nature to enjoy whole health and well being. For a more detailed look into natural healing concepts you may find my blog at I created this column in the hopes of “getting back to our roots” as well as helping others find ultimate health in this crazy world of pharmaceuticals and fast food. Here’s to your health!

Disclaimer: The information in this column is intended for informational and educational purposes only. If you require medical attention it is imperative that you seek medical advice from a competent practitioner.




In 2011 I trained for the first Santa Fe Thunder Half Marathon. The week before the race I started coming down with a cold or some sort of infection.  After spending so much time getting ready for the race I knew I had to deal with the issue quickly and aggressively. I used the knowledge I had acquired from various sources to tackle the issue head on.

Many people are familiar with Lori Garcia, the owner of Body Basics here in Española. Lori has provided some great information regarding natural healing. One thing she always recommends regardless of the ailment is hydration. She is also a big believer in the healing qualities of lemon water and, based on my own research, I agree wholeheartedly. One of the things she recommends to overcome an infection swiftly is sipping on lemon water all day long. Her recipe is 10 ounces fresh squeezed lemon juice in 22 ounces of purified water. If you can drink twice this amount daily you will kill the bugs quickly.

I previously wrote about Dr. Storkan, who is definitely a miracle worker when it comes to allergies. What I did not mention was, because of his abilities to determine what exactly is going on in the body using kinesiology, he can determine if the issue is viral or bacterial, which is an important distinction even with regards to natural remedies. When I feel something coming on I try to see him as soon as possible. His method involves “asking” the body what is going on and then what remedy would be most effective. He carries several types of natural supplements that can help various issues including the common cold as well as others such as organ problems. He will recommend the supplement that would be most effective for your ailment and, as long as it is caught early and you take the supplement as directed, you will kick it within a few short days.

I am also a big believer in various forms of detoxification and when it comes to infections one of the most effective and simplest methods is a detox bath. A friend of mine, who is also into natural healing, recommended Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath to me several years ago. I always have a supply of this powder on hand; however, I believe the same could be accomplished quite effectively with Epsom salts (at least a cup) and apple cider vinegar (another cup) in the bath. A twenty-minute bath in fairly hot water is most effective. Because you are mobilizing toxins, bringing them to the surface, and opening the pores with the hot bath water it is imperative to rinse off immediately afterward with cold to tepid water then scrub yourself dry with a towel. I know the prospect of a cold shower is not ideal but it is necessary for this to work. If I am looking to be more aggressive with boosting my immune system I will take up to two baths a day.

Unfortunately our diets are greatly lacking in the nutrition we need for overall health. It is no different with regards to immune system health. For this reason I believe there are certain supplements that are necessary for protecting ourselves from seasonal infection as well as for optimal health. One such supplement is Vitamin D. During summer months when I spend a lot of time outdoors I rarely take a D supplement; however, once Autumn rolls around and into Winter I take 5,000 to 10,000 IUs of Vitamin D daily. I also try to take the supplement Astragalus Root during the winter months to boost my immune system. When I take these two supplements all Winter I rarely get sick, if at all.

Finally, if I think I might be suffering from something bacterial, in lieu of taking antibiotics, I will take a teaspoon of raw honey with cinnamon several times a day. Honey and cinnamon are effective natural antibiotics. There are many more useful natural remedies I will discuss in future columns but with the start of the cold season upon us I believe these tips will get you through infection-free or, at least, will help you kick any infection you may have quickly. At a bare minimum drink the lemon water! The detox baths, lemon water, and supplements from Dr. Storkan helped me get rid of my infection in 3 days, which resulted in being illness free for my first half marathon!