Clinton’s Locally Inspired Message Attracts A Diverse Crowd


Clinton’s Locally Inspired Message Attracts A Diverse Crowd

Staff Report

With three well-attended events starting with Bernie Sanders last week and the arrival of President Bill Clinton Tuesday night to stump for his wife, Secretary Hillary Clinton, it is safe to say that a prolonged primary season for Democrats in New Mexico has paid off in dividends.

After an six year hiatus, President Clinton was back in Española with an impressive list of supporters that included: Attorney General Hector Balderas, Democratic Secretary of State Nominee Maggie Toulouse Oliver, Española Mayor Alice Lucero, Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales, Representative Stephanie Garcia Richard, Representative Debbie Rodella, Representative Nick Salazar, Representative Carl Trujillo, Commissioner Alex Naranjo, Commissioner Barney Trujillo, Commissioner Danny Garcia, School Board President Pablo Lujan, Española Mayor Pro Tem Adrianna Ortiz, Councilor John Hernandez, Councilor Michelle Martinez, Councilor Peggy Sue Martinez, Councilor Tim Salazar, and Santa Clara Pueblo Governor Michael Chavarria.

The event kicked off with Ohkay Owingeh’s Governor Earl Salazar leading the invocation to a crowd of nearly 1,000 supporters.  Toulouse Oliver was on deck to get the crowd fired up and encouraged everyone to get out and vote. “Hillary Clinton isn’t a stranger when it comes to expanding and protecting voting rights. As a Senator, she fought to expand early voting rights,” noted Toulouse Oliver. 

Mayor Gonzales had some choice words for Republican Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump. “It is a clear choice this election, we are not going to be a state that goes for an individual that demonizes our teachers and states that Hispanics are racists and murders,” stated Gonzales. Gonzales explained that the deck is stacked against our families and we have a big decision to make in New Mexico. “From her earliest days, Secretary Clinton made the decision to fight for children. When she was first lady, she fought to make sure over 8 million children had access to insurance.  Today she is fighting for New Mexico’s values.”

Attorney General Balderas had the pleasure of introducing Holly Martinez, an elementary school teacher from Eutimio T. Salazar Elementary School in Española. Martinez was honored as the individual selected to introduce President Clinton because of her role as an advocate for quality schools and her students’ success in and out of the classroom. Martinez is an active member with Espanola-NEA, the local affiliate of the National Education Association – New Mexico, one of two national teacher unions supporting of Hillary Clinton for President.

“Clinton has been tearing down barriers for years, she has spent more than 40 years fighting for the rights of women, rights of children, and for what’s right for our nation,” stated Martinez.  “I come from a strong union family. The stakes are higher than ever. We need a woman tough enough to take on Trump and can pull together this country. A woman who embraces love and kindness, not bigotry.”

Clinton joined Martinez on stage to fan-girl type screams and an outpouring of love and admiration. Clinton was quick to point out, “Look. We are coming to the end of a long primary season and the beginning of a tough general election. In which we are going to have to decide what type of people we are. What kind of future we are going to have.”

Local teacher,Holly Martinez introduced President Bill Clinton to the enthusiastic crowd. Valley Daily Post photo

Clinton had a couple of problems with Trumps ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan and argued, “the past we are being offered was not so great for a lot of people. Not so great for a lot Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, first generation immigrants, women in the workforce. Hillary says instead of looking backwards lets look forward and put all Americans together.”

Los Alamos National Laboratory had a role in Clinton’s speech as he noted New Mexico had, “never gotten the full benefit of the economic potential of the work done in Los Alamos.”  He went on to encouraged the lab to do more to support new businesses, as that is the only way other areas have been able to create jobs and economic development in towns with a science and technology base similar to Los Alamos.

Clinton touted Secretary Clinton’s education plan that did more than just offer free tuition.  It laid out additional funding, additional methods to obtain a free education through public service, and a plan for student loan debt repayment.  Clinton ended his speech with the final plea. “Hillary is the only person running you can vote for who’s ever done anything with Democrats and Republicans in the Congress. Everything she ever accomplished when I was President, or as U.S. Senator or Secretary of State, she’s had Republican support.  Now I know they are being mean to her now, they have been for four years and that’s just because they don’t run against her and I don’t blame them. I don’t like it but I get it.  You have to respect your advisories. They know she is the only person who is truly qualified to be President…Have her back and send her to Convention with a win.”

Hilary Clinton faces Senator Bernie Sanders in the New Mexico primary election on June 7. Early voting has already begun at every County Clerk’s office in the state. See below for more photos of the Clinton rally.

Hundreds of attendees arrived hours before the event began. Valley Daily Post photo

Representative Debbie Rodella and two Hillary fans wait for the President. Valley Daily Post photo

Interim City Manager Mark Trujillo, City Clerk Anna Squires and Eric Serna came out for the rally. Valley Daily Post photo

The scene of the rally. Valley Daily Post photo