City Honors Francisco Galvan, As “Employee Of The Month”

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Francisco Galvan, City of Espanola’s, “Employee of the Month For May, 2016” holding his young daughter, and listening to Police Chief, Richard Gallegos (off camera) talk about Galvan’s exemplary work in the PD’s Records Department. Courtesy Photo – EPD’s Victoria Gallegos

City Honors Francisco Galvan, As “Employee Of The Month”

By Robert Naranjo

Longtime City of Española employee, Francisco Galvan, a Public Safety Records Supervisor, was selected as “Employee of the Month for May 2016.”

At the regularly scheduled City Council meeting held May 10, Galvan was described as a dedicated, hardworking, and an invaluable employee–doing the work of three people without “batting an eye,” and “heavily relied on by everyone at EPD” and is credited with helping them keep the Department in order.

Public Safety Chief, Richard Gallegos, was given a few minutes by Mayor Pro Tem, Adrianna Ortiz, to speak about Galvan and said that he did not have “anything written down,” but what he said, “…came from the heart,” he began. “All the troops are here and they wanted to say something, too. But I wanted to start by thanking you, Fran, for everything that you’ve done on behalf of myself and the staff…for going over and beyond your duties. We’ve appreciated everything that you do,” he said.

Then Gallegos added, “When I accepted this position of the Police Chief, I knew already what I was committed to because my predecessor, and the predecessor before that, saw what you were doing, (taking on extra duties),” Gallegos said speaking to Galvan.

“I appreciate that you kept taking on those additional duties. You wear many hats at the PD and the officers truly, truly appreciate everything that you do–we’re happy for you,” he said  And the Chief ended his remarks by saying, “I want to turn it over to the guys because they wanted to come out to speak, too.”

At the podium, three EPD officers addressed the Council and Galvan and each went on to describe how appreciative and complimentary they were of Galvan, and echoed the Chief’s remarks about wearing many hats with aplomb and doing extraordinary work at EPD.

“Well, Francisco, in the limited time that I’ve been able to work with you, it’s been an honor,” began Officer Antony Armijo. “ Everything that you’ve done is above and beyond, just like the Chief has said. I don’t think that we would know what to do without you there,” he said.

Armijo continued, “Every day, you never bat an eye…always willing to assist all of us. Even though we give you more work than you should, and more work than you need to do, you’re still always there, always helping us.”

Armijo added, “And…from all the guys and the ones that are not here today, all say that you’re a very large asset at the police department and every day we are thankful that you’re there. When you’re not there, we have kind of a hard time without you. So, we thank you for everything you do, and we appreciate everything that you do for us every single day. Thank you, brother,” Officer Armijo concluded.

Officer Greg Esparza followed Armijo. “Well, Mr. Francisco, I been with the department now for almost six years, And, in…my experience, I’ve seen you help us keep this department together.” And, Esparza added,“I’ve seen you do the work of three different people, really–the records supervisor, the evidence custodian, was well as the IT guy…I don’t see how we could manage our Department without the help you give us every single day–thank you.”

Officer Manuel “Manny” Romero observed, “From what I’ve seen–I’ve been here about six months. You’re probably on top of everything…the best I’ve seen from three different agencies. Definitely meticulous when it comes to evidence… you’re really good at it. Keep up the good work,” Romero advised.

After Romero finished, Chief Gallegos took the podium again for a concluding remark, “One more thing…I’ve been here with this P.D., and this P.D.only, for 25 years…so again, thank you for everything that you’ve done.” Then he added..“The guys appreciate everything… the weekends when we bother you, and we thank your wife Allie, and your beautiful daughter.”

Mayor Pro Tem Adrianna Ortiz then addressed Galvan. “Mr. Galvan, a little birdie told me that today was your birthday, and I say we sing you a song,” and she led the Council and the audience in a rendition of “Happy Birthday To You” for Galvan.

Galvan, after a request from Mayor Pro Tem Ortiz to say a few words, took the podium and said, “This is very surprising, you know– I am extremely thankful to the City of Española for allowing me the opportunity to work for the police department.”

Galvan added, “I never thought I’d be working for this side of the law, “not that I’m a criminal or anything,” he said to laughter. “But I never really looked at a police officer as a person, you know? But to be able to work with them has been amazing– I appreciate it–it’s been a lot of fun, a lot of knowledge, and it has given me so much respect for them and the profession,” he said.

Galvan mentioned his staff. “I wouldn’t be standing here if it wasn’t for the assistance of my support staff. And, I want to thank executive secretary, Victoria Gallegos, who is always there to help me, as I am always there to help her. She covers me when I’m out and I do the same for her.” he said.

“And, I want to thank Leonard Martinez, Transport Supervisor, for providing me all the items requested in discovery in a timely manner allowing me to be successful in fulfilling my deadlines–along with Trinnie Velasquez who provides me the same from the Criminal Investigations side,” Galvan added.

“But most importantly, I want to thank Roseann Gallegos and Catherine Chacon, Record Specialists, who have shown their dedication to the City. Without their hard work and commitment, the Records Department would not be where it is today,” Galvan said.

“They all are, most definitely, at the foundation of my success there–it’s been cool. I appreciate everything that you’ve ever done for me.Thank you,” Galvan stated, taking the opportunity to thank his co-workers, whom he said are a big part of the equation honoring him as the City of Española Employee of the Month of May, 2016.

Galvan has been with the City for seven years.