Chama Watershed Planning Workshop at Ghost Ranch Feb 26-27, 2016


Chama Watershed Planning Workshop at Ghost Ranch Feb 26-27, 2016

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With the award of a Bureau of Reclamation WaterSMART grant, Rio Grande Restoration has been tasked to produce a watershed implementation plan for the Rio Chama region. Last August, RGR convened 3 public meetings in Chama, Abiquiu and Cebolla, seeking advice of community members on what issues should, and can, be addressed in this plan.

Among the specific issues identified by local citizens were: Environmental releases from El Vado and Abiquiu reservoirs and their impacts on fish, wildlife, recreation and riparian ecology; groundwater depletion in the Rio Cebolla; wastewater treatment in Village of Chama; landslide, flood damage, forest conditions/wildfire in certain areas; oil and gas exploration; and rural development and cultural preservation generally. Some of these issues may otherwise fall outside the scope of present plans.

Purpose: RGR sees its WaterSMART watershed plan as supplementing and informing planning processes already being undertaken by the Carson and Santa Fe National Forests, Interstate Stream Commission, Rio Arriba County and Upper Chama Soil and Water Conservation Districts, and helping to address our region’s future efforts to resolve important water and land use issues.

You are invited to come together with students and other citizens, agency planners and non-governmental organizations (Rio Grande Water Fund, Trout Unlimited, Chama Peak Land Alliance) who are active here, to decide how to best address the full range of water and land management challenges in the Chama Basin. Please take a moment to consult your calendar (this workshop will take place on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, Feb. 26/27) and let us know today that you are interested in attending. Please SHARE this invitation and if you find that others in your community or agency are also interested, by all means urge them to respond affirmatively to this message and plan to join us. RGR will provide further details to all who respond, within two weeks of the workshop.

For more information contact Steve Harris, with Rio Grande Restoration-Embudo. phone 575-751-1269; steve.harris