Candidate For State Representative – Dist 43: “Why I am Running”


Candidate For State Representative – Dist 43: “Why I am Running”

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By Lisa Shin

I am entering the race for NM House of Representative, District 43, to fight for the American Dream.  It is being lost for too many Americans, and for New Mexicans.  The Dream that our children will have a better life than we did.  The Dream of freedom, opportunity, and prosperity for ourselves and the next generation.   

As an optometrist, I have served the public in Los Alamos for the past 20 years.   As a successful small business owner and health care provider, I bring a pragmatic, common sense approach to the issues facing us.  I believe that free market principles  based on individual choice and personal responsibility, can strengthen our schools, our health care system, and our economy.   

Education:  My parents are Korean immigrants who prioritized and valued education above all else.  It was foundational to the American Dream, essential for upward mobility, and the key to success.   The report that New Mexico ranks next to last for public education is devastating.   We can’t keep doing the same thing, and expect different results. We must empower parents, strengthen vocational programs, expand web-based learning, and prepare our students to compete.  Reading proficiency is necessary for success.  It is critical that we identify problems early,and engage parents in the remedial process. New Mexico has serious gaps when it comes to a “middle-skilled” workforce.  Vocational educational programs that train such a workforce in health care, manufacturing, construction, and transportation are critical for our economic growth. These programs should be among our highest funding priorities.

Health Care:  If elected, I would be the only health care practitioner in the New Mexico Legislature. My first-hand experience in health care that is effective, accessible, and affordable is a much-needed asset in Santa Fe.   

Opioid crisis:   We must find solutions to the opioid crisis in New Mexico. It is devastating our children and our communities. Dependence and overdose are causing the highest death rates in the nation. I applaud Governor Martinez’s commitment to fight our state’s epidemic. I support a tax on opioid suppliers to prevent and treat opioid abuse;  this had bipartisan support in Minnesota’s State Legislature.

Economic Prosperity:  Unfortunately, New Mexico has been trapped in a decade long recession.  I am committed to economic policies that are focused on our growth and recovery.  I support right to work legislation and tax policies that lower the tax burden for working class families.  

I can be contacted at and Lisa for 43 PO Box 919 Los Alamos. Follow me on Facebook at @betterwayforNM