BREAKING NEWS UPDATE! Fiesta Crown & Scepter Recovered


BREAKING NEWS UPDATE! Fiesta Crown & Scepter Recovered

ESPAÑOLA  – It was great teamwork and a lot of hard work, said Corporal Daniel Espinoza Thursday evening, but it paid off. At around 2:30 Thursday afternoon City of Española Police recovered the stolen crown and scepter that belong to the Española  Fiesta Council. As previously reported HERE, the crown and scepter were stolen in a burglary on Tuesday evening from the home of Angela Vigil, the 2015 Reina for the Española Fiesta.

Since Tuesday night Corporal Espinoza and Detective George Martinez have been following up on leads as far away as Cordova to try and find the perpetrators of the burglary. Working off a detailed witness’s description of a truck that fled the scene and a partial license plate number, officers searched the city and surrounding area. Early Thursday afternoon Espinoza and Martinez identified a truck parked at a residence in the Santa Cruz area matching the description. The license plate number did not exactly match the witness’s description, but it was close.

Espinoza and Martinez approached the house and spoke with two individuals who matched descriptions from the witness. They were able to persuade the suspects to go to the police headquarters for further questioning where eventually both individuals confessed to the crime and helped officers recover some of the stolen items. Items recovered include the crown and scepter, and a silver belt. A missing TV, and video game system were not recovered from these individuals.

21 year old Josh Vigil and 20 year old Eva Ortega were taken into custody and police say they will be charged with conspiracy to commit burglary and transferring of stolen property. A third suspect, Miguel Perez is still at large but police are now searching for him.

After entering the items into evidence the two arresting detectives delivered the scepter and crown to City Hall Thursday evening where they were turned over to the Mayor and the Fiesta Council.

Police Chief Richard Gallegos commended Espinoza and Martinez saying “I’m so grateful that these guys acted so quickly and professionally, and spent numerous hours trying to locate these items. Fiestas are next month as we have our crown and scepter back.”

See below for images of the scepter and crown and stay tuned for more on this developing story.