Bill To Ensure Sustainability Of New Mexico’s Health Care System Advances

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Bill To Ensure Sustainability Of New Mexico’s Health Care System Advances

SANTA FE ― On Wednesday, a bill to create the Health Care Value and Access Commission advanced in the House Health and Human Services Committee.

House Bill 88, sponsored by Rep. Debbie Armstrong (D-Albuquerque) and Rep. Elizabeth “Liz” Thomson (D-Albuquerque), would provide oversight and implement recommendations to ensure the sustainability of the health care system in New Mexico through the Commission.

The Health Care Value and Access Commission would collect and report on state health data and make policy recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the state’s health care system. It would work with multiple agencies and compile data about New Mexico health care expenditures, quality indicators, and utilization trends. In addition, it would develop responses to state and federal changes to the health care system and strategize about health care delivery system changes. Also, the Commission will be tasked with identifying and removing waste in the system and analyzing the effectiveness of state programs and federal waivers.

“New Mexicans deserve a health care system that is efficient, accessible, and sustainable,” Rep. Debbie Armstrong said. “This bill is a critical first step to improving our health care system and ensuring that we are identifying innovative solutions.”

“This bill is a step to ensure that New Mexicans will get the most value for their money every time they visit the doctor,” Rep. Thomson said. “It is far past due that we take steps to improve and expand health care access. The more information we have, the more successful we can be at making necessary improvements and enhancing the lives of New Mexicans.”

House Bill 88 would make an appropriation of $2 million from the general fund to the Health Care Value and Access Commission Fund. The bill now moves to the House Appropriations and Finance Committee for consideration.