Area Schools Football Results and Briefs


Area Schools Football Results and Briefs

By Robert A. Naranjo

*Española Valley, 6-0, had a bye.

EVHS Defends Its Perfect Record At Home Versus Del Norte Oct. 16 @7 pm

The Sundevils are enjoying a record-breaking season and have a big game coming up. Next on the list for the Sundevils are the Del Norte Knights of Albuqerque.  This game begins District play and is an important one to win if the Sundevils are to make it to State in football.

Remember Sundevils, as Coach Miguel Medina has said, “You’ve worked hard for this…you were on the football field when everybody was asleep…don’t let anybody take this away from you.”  Words to play by.

EVHS v. Del Norte

@ Home, 7 pm, Oct. 16.

Sundevils by 18.

McCurdy – 6

El Paso Cathedral – 42                                                                                                         

@ McCurdy

Cathedral Lightning Hits Old McCurdy Mission

BRIEF: McCurdy Charter School, formerly McCurdy Mission, was struck with lightning from El Paso even though Coach Hurt of El Paso Cathedral‘s lightning indicator in his cell phone showed lightning about 300 miles away. Nonetheless, McCurdy’s football team made up of quite a few underclassmen had to settle for the “chalk one up for experience” category. They show improvement every game but are still making some but not all the same mistakes.  And, good teams will take advantage of the mistakes.  Cathedral coach told the Valley Daily Sports’ reporter that he had two underclassmen score their last two touchdowns. Cathedral‘s coach had inserted his younger players to get valuable playing time once the game was out of reach for the hosts thus showing some collegiate respect to Coach Ron Gallegos of McCurdy by not leaving first stringers in longer than need be.

McCurdy has a learned a lot this season and have improved. Coach Ron Gallegos will have them battle tested and ready for the rest of the season and head into next season with players that had their wills and might tested.  Another local team did exactly that and are now in the middle of the best season in school history.  That’s McCurdy’s neighbors, the Española Valley Sundevils. I’m confident that McCurdy will surge in the coming season. That is guaranteed with Coach Gallegos. The underclassmen just need more experience and time.  There’s only one way to get valuable experience– by playing the game.

Pojoaque —  18

St. Michaels — 53

@ St. Michaels

St. Mike’s Prevails At Home Over Poajoque

BRIEF:   The Pojoaque Elks have had have tough road trips this season although they almost beat Los Alamos at home in their opener before the game was lost at the end. That may have done more damage to the Elks than we may know. The game at St. Michaels in Santa Fe was not long as road trips go, as it was a short trip up to the Capital City. The Elks did put up 18 points against the Horsemen, but could not stop them from scoring big with the final score being 53-18, Horsemen.

And it doesn’t get any easier, next game is against Las Vegas Robertson who have had pretty good football teams in recent memory including a Class 3A State Championship. They aren’t bad this year either, so Pojoaque would have to have its “A” game on to send the Cardinals packing back to the “Meadow City.” They can do it if they stay focused and with a little luck.  There is one bright side, the Elks are at home in this game after a series of brutal road trips.  It would be a big boost for the Elks to surprise everybody and win this much-needed football game.

Escalante –  42

Ft. Sumner/House – 25

@ Escalante

Escalante Lobos Send Another Southern NM Team Packing

BRIEF: The Escalante Lobos, after an impressive win at home against Jal, had a little tougher game against the Ft. Sumner/House Foxes a week later but the Lobos prevailed, 42-16.  KDCE Sports’ color commentator and football enthusiast, Rudy Sisneros, told Valley Daily Post Sports that “it was a great game” and the Foxes tried hard to outdo their bigger canine cousin, the Lobos. With no right to yell anything, having just lost the game, the Ft. Sumner/House Foxes took the scenic drive out of the County Seat of Rio Arriba and headed south likely saying, “Those were sour grapes anyway,”  (Aesop’s Fables) and the Lobos’ victory howls became fainter and fainter as the bus rolled south towards Ft. Sumner and House.

Next up for the Lobos, District foe: Navajo Pine.


Los Alamos Hilltoppers

Los Alamos  – 49

Santa Fe High – 13

@ Los Alamos

Los Alamos Snags Win Over Santa Fe

 BRIEF:  The Los Alamos Hilltoppers, a future Española Valley Sundevils District opponent, will likely face an EVHS football team with considerable more swagger than the ‘Toppers have likely ever seen. These Sundevils, are the real item and are on a roll, breaking school records left and right. Consider that the L.A. Hilltoppers had to use late game heroics to beat the Pojoaque Elks by a TD but the Sundevils beat the Elks in three Quarters  54-0. Does that mean anything?  Maybe, maybe not! We’ll see.

However, the Hilltoppers took care of business and were apparently atomic-powered at home at Sullivan Field in the “Atomic City” and shot past the Santa Fe Demons 49-13. The Hilltoppers have either improved considerably or Santa Fe is in a rebuilding season or both.  But, given the way the EVHS Sundevils are playing football this season, Los Alamos will see a different EVHS team than they have seen in the past. The Española Valley Sundevils may be looking to settle old scores, that is to say, scores that were run up intentionally, when EVHS was not the team they are today.  As they say in northern New Mexico, looking for “el desquite” (payback or getting even) when these two teams meet.  In the words of the late newscaster, Ernie Mills, with the old DATELINE NEW MEXICO, “Don’t say we didn’t tell you!”