Area Fishing Report


Cover art photo by George Morse for the Valley Daily Post

Area Fishing Report

By George Morse Sports and Outdoors

The return of winter last weekend put a damper on my fishing. I plan to get out and try my luck this week. Despite the cold weather, there have been new species of birds showing up at the feeders. My brother spotted a western tanager this morning and a bright yellow warbler showed up later. Hummingbirds are becoming a common sight and they are even starting to wage their funny dogfights trying to protect the feeders for themselves.

Hummingbird at a feeder this weekend. Photo by George Morse for the Valley Daily Post

I think at least some growers dodged a bullet this weekend and we’ll have some fruit this coming summer and fall. Our cherry trees and a peach tree looked like they’d survived with little damage. Other trees appeared to be thinned out, but still had some fruit left.

The weather threw a monkey wrench into the spring sports championships in baseball, softball and track and field. The seedings for the state tournament were delayed until Monday night and still hadn’t been published for softball Tuesday afternoon.

The streamflows actually dropped in some rivers and streams because of the cold weather. The Rio Grande had been running over 2,000 cubic-feet-per second last week, but dropped to under 1,400 over the weekend. The streamflows will probably start rising again as the weather warms back up.

Be sure to check out Brazos Falls, as once the spring runoff is over they will dry up.


  • Laguna del Campo near Los Ojos maybe the hotspot right now. It opened for fishing Monday and they’ve already caught at least a couple of 20-inchers there.
  • Santa Cruz Lake is fishing well and they stocked 300 fish averaging over 15 inches there April 27. Eagle Rock Lake near Questa also received a plant of bigger-than-average fish April 26.
  • The fishing for smallmouth bass at Abiquiu Lake is picking up and should just get better as the weather warms up. Walleye have yet to really start biting but you can sometimes pick up a few while fishing for bass.
  • Fenton Lake is rated as very good. Over near Raton, both Lake Maloya and Lake Alice are fishing well.