ANNOUNCEMENT: Rio Arriba County Clerk’s Office Issues Statement To Voters

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Rio Arriba County Clerk Linda J Padilla

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Tierra Amarilla, NM 87575

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The Rio Arriba Clerk’s Office would like to encourage our beautiful community to come out and VOTE.  We thank our Brothers and Sisters that have fought and still fight for our freedoms.  Many gave their lives to assure that we the people, live in the land of the free and can exercise our rights, especially the right to VOTE. 

I, Linda Padilla, cannot echo enough the famous words of County Clerk Ellen White of Quay County- “If you are running unopposed, congratulations on your new venture as an elected official.  If you have opposition, let me be the first to encourage competition with class.  It’s an honor to serve and represent the community you live in, and your peers are anxious to elect Representation.”  Rio Arriba County Clerk’s Office and staff could not agree more.  

My Office is working diligently to run a clean, ethical election.  We want all our Candidates to have an equal opportunity to succeed in this election.  This requires the assistance of the community working as a whole to assure the law is followed.  Below are the statues that govern voting.  Please report any unlawful or suspicious activity to the Rio Arriba County Clerk’s Office or to the Secretary of State’s Office.  Proper steps will be taken to address your concerns.  

1-20-3 Registration offenses (fourth degree felony)

1-20-7 Unlawful possession of absentee ballot (fourth degree felony)

1-20-8 False Voting (fourth degree felony)

1-20-8.1 Conduct of election; fraudulent and double voting. (fourth degree felony)

1-20-8.2. Paper ballots; delivery of two or more ballots. (fourth degree felony)

1-20-9. Falsifying election documents. (fourth degree felony)

1-20-10. False swearing. (fourth degree felony)

1-20-11 Offering a bribe. (fourth degree felony)

1-20-12. Accepting a bribe. (fourth degree felony)

1-20-17. Obstructing the polling place (Petty Misdemeanor)


Remember freedom isn’t free.  Let’s all do our part and represent our community with honor, dignity and respect.



Linda J. Padilla

Rio Arriba County Clerk


Rio Arriba County County Clerk Letter to Voters