An End To Daylight Savings Time?


An End To Daylight Savings Time?

Daylight Savings Time To Begin Sunday But Bill In Legislature Could Make This The Last Change.

Staff Report

Daylight Savings Time takes effect Sunday, March 12, as we all set our clocks ahead by one hour. Come November 5 we will reverse this change and set our clocks back one hour. Every state in the U.S. except for most of Arizona follows the same plan of changing the clocks twice a year. And every year as we set our clocks forward by one hour people complain about Daylight Savings time.

One bill in the New Mexico legislature could possibly change this, making this Sunday’s time change the last time New Mexicans would change the clocks.

Map of the United States shows that currently only Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time. The Navajo Nation, which is located in both Arizona and New Mexico does follow Daylight Savings time meaning those portions of Arizona still change their clocks.

Senator Cliff Pirtle of Roswell has introduced a bill to set New Mexico’s time on “Mountain Daylight Saving Time” year-round. When speaking to media, Senator Pirtle explained the reasons for his bill, saying “Changing the clocks twice a year causes a lot of adverse health effects, heart attacks, car crashes. It’s really hard on people with behavioral health issues.” Pirtle also added that he has heard from people around New Mexico who support the bill saying that changing the clock disrupts their business, farm schedule, schools, and is generally unpleasant for everyone.

Pirtle has carried this bill in previous years without much success, but this year the bill has actually started to move and passed the Senate on a 26-15 vote.

The bill is now in the House of Representatives, awaiting a hearing in the Business & Industry Committee, which is chaired by local legislator, Representative Debbie Rodella.

With only a week left in the session, time is running short, but Senator Pirtle and many bleary eyed New Mexicans tired of changing the clock are hoping it is successful.