Alleged Child Molester Teacher Reject Plea Deal

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Alleged Child Molester Teacher Reject Plea Deal

A northern New Mexico teacher accused of sexually assaulting school kids has walked away from another deal and will now go to trial. Former Fairview Elementary School teacher, Gary Gregor who has been indicted for raping and molesting two students between 2007 and 2008 declined a plea deal in a court hearing in Santa Fe District Court, Monday and will be remanded to trial. Gregor, who was arrested in May of this year rejected the plea deal which would have resulted in him serving between 19 and 50 years in prison.

After news of Gregor’s refusal to plea came out, New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas tweeted “A group of courageous and brave students came forward and we will fight together for justice.” The Attorney General’s office says they will move forward with taking Gregor to trial, which could result in him serving life in prison.

“We’re going to pursue maximum accountability,” said Balderas. “There will be no leniency in us fighting for justice when we bring these victims forward.”

Gregor is accused of molesting at least two fourth grade students who he personally taught when he was a teacher at Fairview Elementary 2006 and 2009.