Adam E. Muller Running For Pojoaque Valley School Board



“Preserving the Past While Securing the Future”


Is not just a campaign slogan that I made up; this is a “motto” of depth, meaning, truth and vision. I am not an individual who is going to attempt to win you over with false promises and fluff; I am a Firefighter at heart. That means that I am blunt, straightforward, motivated, determined, hardworking and willing to do what it takes for the team to be successful. It means that I have integrity; that I also know how to conduct myself in a personal, empathetic, loving, professional and authoritative manner; but most importantly it means that I have a strong sense of ethics to live and work by.

My motto means that as a school district we hold on to our past successes and that we learn from our failures. It means that we value our trials and tribulations. That we never forget or take for granted the blood sweat and tear that have been given by our current and past Students, Educators, Administration, Board of Education, Parents and Community Members, which all make up “Our Team”. Their sacrifices have paved the way for Pojoaque Valley School Districts to grow and flourish.

I believe as a school board member my life experiences (both personal and professional) will help secure the future of our School District, our Students, our Educators, our Administration, our Board of Education and our Community.  With hard work, determination and a lot of blood, sweat and tears we cannot only continue to move forward but we will be successful as we do. It is time we work on Educator retention, by respecting their professionalism, meeting their needs to be successful in the classroom and we continue/establishing an adequate/manageable succession planning process. Not only do we need to improve our processes for preparing student for college, but most importantly we need to work on preparing them for “Life”; by establishing and offering the classes / programs that will help them to be successful. That we evaluate what we are currently doing and find ways to improve our Special Education in and out of the classroom to meet the needs of every student. It is important that we involve all members of “Our Team” in the budget and fiscal processes; and fully utilize all resources available to us.

My beliefs are that all members of “Our Team” need to work hand-in-hand, in a transparent fashion as we move forward for generations to come.