Abstract Artist Roger Martinez Show Extended

Artist Roger Martinez. Courtesy photo

Abstract Artist Roger Martinez Show Extended

The Northern New Mexico Regional Art Center (NNMRAC) has extended the exhibition of Artist Roger Martinez for another month.

If you have ever wondered what Abstract Art is, why Artists have created these works of art come and join NMRAC for a lecture this Friday August 12th from 5 – 7 to hear Taos Artist Roger Martinez talk about Abstract Art.

Definition (Abstract Art can be paintings, Sculptor, or assemblage that does not depict a person place or thing in the natural world.

In the art world we usually say it is how that artist sees it or their interpretation of what they choose to express how and what medium they choose to express it with.

Abstract Art began in 1911 by Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky he believed that colors provoke emotions.

Rodger Martinez is a lifelong resident of Taos, inspired by his creative grandmother and wanted to be like her.

Roger believes that is amazing, fantastic even (almost fantasy), to see a canvas come alive to see an inanimate piece of cotton on a frame and add color, watching it take form and becoming an image that has never been produced anywhere on Earth and yes, following simple rules he said.

This he will talk about.

  • Reception
  • Lecture
  • Friday August 12th starting at 5 till 7



The Northern New Mexico Regional Art Center (NNMRAC) is located on the Plaza de EspaƱola where it manages cultural events for the City and operates a gallery, gift shop and visitor’s center. NNMRAC also manages the EspaƱola Community Arts Education Center where it conducts music and art classes for the community.  NNMRAC organizes and sponsors art exhibitions at the Convento Gallery and the Historic Bond House Museum.