“Abiquiu Fire on Scene”: Abiquiu’s Volunteer Fire Dept. Trains


“Abiquiu Fire on Scene”: Abiquiu’s Volunteer Fire Dept. Trains

Republished here with permission of the Abiquiu News. Check out the Abiquiu News at www.abiquiunews.com for more stories related to Abiquiu.

Abiquiu – Did you you know that a high pressure fire hose can lift an adult off his or her feet?  Teamwork is required to deploy a hose quickly and safely while putting as much water as possible on the fire.  At their most recent monthly training day, members of the Abiquiu Volunteer Fire Department practiced advancing a high pressure hose against a fire. 

These are your friends and neighbors: Brian Bondy on the nozzle, Jim Benson and Nick Gallegos controlling the center, and Mario Manzanares at the tail.  Jim and Mario are each carrying a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, a face mask-oxygen cylinder combination that helps fire fighters see and breathe in a hazardous atmosphere.

For more information or how you can help, go to www.abiquiufire.org.