7th Annual Reynold’s Run For School Supplies Held In Memory Of Fallen Riders, Chris & Connie Reynolds

Riders shown here talking after the 7th Annual Reynold's Run for school supplies. Velarde Elementary School was selected as the lucky school to receive the school supplies from the Run.

7th Annual Reynold’s Run For School Supplies Held In Memory Of Fallen Riders, Chris & Connie Reynolds

Sheriff Lujan Rides for Reynolds Run VII

By Robert A. Naranjo

The 7th Annual Reynold’s Run for school supplies was held recently and Velarde Elementary School students were selected as the school that will receive the supplies gathered by the Run.

The motorcycle run is held in memory of Chris and Connie Reynolds who both died in a motorcycle accident near Peñasco about 7 years ago when the motorcycle they were riding on failed to negotiate a sharp curve and went off a steep embankment.  A “descanso” marks the accident site complete with the U.S. and POW flags acting as sentries and commanding “breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains,” Debbie Reynolds told the Valley Daily Post. She organizes the Run every year with members of the Reynolds family, with help from Los Traviesos, the area’s motorcycle riders, sponsors and volunteers for the past 7 years.

Rio Arriba County Sheriff, James Lujan, rode in Reynolds Run VII. The Sheriff and his wife, Julie, were one of the sponsors. He appeared to be enjoying himself talking to fellow motorcycle riders after the Run while looking at the variety of bikes. He appeared happy to be part of the effort to get school supplies for the children and joined Los Traviesos, Blue Knights and other motorcycle enthusiasts on a beautiful Saturday in August to do a good deed in community.

The President of Los Traviesos, Antonio “Turbo” Trujillo, told the Valley Daily Post, “We do it for the kids because some families are on a tight budget and sometimes they can’t afford all the school supplies students have to get these days.” Sponsors of this year’s Run were: Los Traviesos, The Blue Knights, Sheriff James Lujan & wife, Julie, Century Bank, Aaron Rents, Mike Roark, Bill Moore Cash Lumber, Coca-Cola, Lovin’ Oven, Stop and East, Dandy Burger, Valley Superette, KoKoman, the Santa Claran Hotel and Casino and “many other volunteers who helped make it a success,” said Debbie Reynolds, organizer of the Run and owner of AIP insurance company.

There are other positives that come from Reynold’s Run. One is a change in perception in the way the public views motorcycle riders who are unfairly stereotyped negatively. The Run gives motorcycle riders a chance to shine in the eyes of the community by helping kids, in this case, with school supplies. If having the County Sheriff riding along with them and helping get school supplies for students doesn’t drive home the point that they are just like everyone else and far from the stereotype, then nothing will.

The other positive that emerges from bike runs for school supplies, toys, canned foods, etc. especially one held in the memory of a fallen rider, is the “feel good” type phenomenon that occurs. Debbie Reynolds, in a touch of emotion manifesting itself slightly in her voice, mentioned how her father, Victor Reynolds and her mother, Neri, love to be part of the Run, “It touches your heart.” She says they “picture their son Chris, and his wife Connie, as the bikes take off on the run. It’s very therapeutic for them and others who have lost loved ones in motorcycle accidents.,” she said. It’s not all about the school supplies, although that’s the goal, there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye in a bike run with families of the fallen friends, family members, neighbors, etc. 

School supplies for the students, a feather in the cap for the motorcycle riders, and a good supply of memories with a bit of closure for the families. Can’t beat that!