4th Annual Heartbeat of Gratitude Gourd Dance


4th Annual Heartbeat of Gratitude Gourd Dance

Participate in the 4th Annual Heartbeat of Gratitutde Gourd Dance on Saturday, Nov 14th1-9pm, for a day rich in traditions with teaching and customs led by Native elders.  Experience the practice of generosity cycling through the music, dancing, drumming, singing and ceremony throughout the day.

The Gourd Dance is a Native American celebration and ceremony, originating with the Kiowa tribe of the southern plains. Most often, dances are distinctive to each tribe, but the Gourd Dance is unique in that it is a shared tradition among several tribes. It is an honor to both experience and participate in a Gourd dance; come share in the bounty.

1-9pm in the Ghost Ranch Lower Pavilion, suggested contribution $20 for the day, which includes lunch and dinner. If you’d like to stay at the Ranch Saturday evening, call the Registrar at 505-685-1017 and request the overnight stay rates.

Suggested attire: skirt and shawl for women; pants and long sleeve shirt for men. Photography can be done with permission.

Leadership Team:

Master of Ceremonies: James Edwards (Sante Fe, NM)

Head Singer: Erny Zah (Dulce, NM)

Head Gourd Dancer: Narciso Toledo (Jemez Pueblo)

Head Lady Gourd Dancer: Terry Jackson (Tucson, AZ)

Ghost Ranch, covering 21,000 acres located in northern New Mexico, stands proud as an ecumenical and interfaith education and retreat center of the Presbyterian Church (USA). For more than half a century, people have come for spiritual development, to discuss issues of peace and justice, to work together in creation care, to paint and write, to hike and ride horseback, to research rich and globally renowned archeological and fossil quarries, to see where Georgia O’Keeffe painted, or simply to rest and renew their spirits. The Ranch’s synergy of beauty, its scientific value, its cultural and historical traditions and its spirituality make it like no other place in the world.

For more information please contact Tiffany Montavon, Faith Community Liaison, at 505-685-1000, ext. 4197 or tiffanym@ghostranch.org.