2019 Rio Arriba County Fair

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Josh Archuleta shows off his Grand Champion Market Steer during the Junior Livestock Auction July 27 at the 2019 Rio Arriba County Fair. The steer weighed 1,371 pounds and was sold for $5.25-per-pound. 


2019 Rio Arriba County Fair



By George Morse

The 2019 Rio Arriba County Fair celebrated the past, present and future of Rio Arriba’s rich agricultural history. The tradition of livestock ranching and small family farms irrigated by traditional acequias continues to this day. Future farmers and ranchers showed of their livestock. The money raised at the auction will help these young men and women pay for their education and continue those traditions.

Stetson Trujillo, Grand Champion Market Goat.

Kevyn Kuykendall, Grand Champion Market Swine.

Sophia Maes, Grand Champion Market Lamb.

Sophia Gurule, Homemade Delight Raspberry Coffee Cake.

Rosalie Martinez, Grand Champion County-Bred Goat.

Tiffani Archuleta, Grand Champion County Bred Steer.

Hallie Vigil, Reserve Champion Market Swine.

Wyatt Bullion-Brathwaite, Grand ChampionCounty Bred Market Lamb.

Joseph Archuleta, Reserve Champion Market Goat.

Randy Farrell, Homemade Delight Cookies

Adam Jaramillo, Poultry Fryer Pen.

Homemade Quilt from The Quilting Corner sold at Auction $1100.

Emilee Maestas with her Grand Champion County Bred Heifer. Heifers are not sold at auction. They are kept for breeding purposes.

Josh Archuleta washes down his Grand Champion Market Steer.

Reed Trujillo (right) cleans up his Black Face Heavy Market Lamb with his dad Cody Trujillo.

Randy Ferrell washes off his Medium Heavy Market Goat.

In addition to livestock, participants showed off their culinary and creative skill at the Indoor Exhibits.