2015 Prize Winners Hollyberry Fair


2015 Prize Winners Hollyberry Fair

The Presbyterian Española Hospital Auxiliary expresses their sincerest ‘thank you’ to everyone who made their November 6th Hollyberry Fair a success.  Congratulations to the lucky winners from their drawing:

 1st  – Susan Schuler Spanish Chest handcrafted and donated by Pete Chiello

 2ndRoquita Garcia Santa Clara Pottery donated by Mary Beth Shymkus

 3rdEloy Ulibarri Crocheted Quilt handcrafted and donated by Dorothy Piñeda

 4th  – Lynn Cravens Wooden Cross handcrafted, donated Dr. Michael Redman, Sr.

 5th  – Colleen La Porte NM Pastel Drawing donated by Larry Martinez

 6th  – JoAnn Montoya  Twin Sized Quilt handcrafted, donated by Mannie Valdez

 7th  – Theresa Radosevich NM Oil Painting donated by Angie Bustos

 8th  – Joe Madrid Jr. Crocheted Afghan handcrafted, donated by Rose Quintana

 9th  – Maria Garcia Oil Painting donated by Juanita Tubb

10thKrag Allandar Sterling Silver Jewelry donated by PEH Auxiliary

11th  – Carlos Duarte Wood Scroll Cross handcrafted, donated by Jeff Salazar

12th  – Lori Baros Crocheted Afghan handcrafted, donated by Rose Quintana

13th  – Alexandra Lopez NNM Weaving handcrafted, donated by Harry Cordova

14th  – Eugene Salazar Crocheted Afghan handcrafted, donated by Norma Hinojosa

15th  – Dr. Fernando Bayardo Queen Sized Quilt by Kris Salazar

Monies raised from this event go for Scholarships for students pursuing a career in a health-related field and for the purchase of equipment for the Presbyterian Española Hospital.

In 2014, the Auxiliary awarded $28,700.00 in Scholarships and $15,079.00 towards Hospital Equipment.  Thank you to everyone who contributed in making this event successful.