2015 LANL Employees’ Scholarship Fund Recipients Announced


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A group shot of all the recipients from Rio Arriba County who attended Thursday’s Los Alamos Employees Scholarship Fund awards reception at the LANL Foundation Office in Espanola. Courtesy image


2015 LANL Employees’ Scholarship Fund Recipients Announced

Submitted by Carol A. Clark

ESPANOLA – The LANL Foundation announced that 78 students received scholarships this year totaling $422,500.

The award recipients were recognized at a special event Thursday evening at the LANL Foundation Office in Espanola. The scholarships were made possible because the Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund (LAESF) broke another fundraising record raising $613,188.50 during the latest annual giving campaign.

Scholars receiving awards introduce themselves and briefly describe their future educational plans. Valley Daily Post image

Of that amount, 910 LANL employees, contractors and visiting scientists contributed $357,835.40, surpassing the $350,000 goal set by LAESF. Los Alamos National Security, LLC (LANS) provided a $250,000 match of employee donations. The additional $5,353.10 came from special events and contributors outside the Laboratory.

Local student winners from the Valley included Reina Duran of Mesa Vista High School, Lynette Torrez of McCurdy Charter School, Meagan Wheeler, Daniella Martinez and Aodan Luther-Salazar of Pojoaque Valley High School, Steven Vigil, Mapiya Rakestraw and Alicia Lujan of Penasco High School, Alberto Sosa Parada and Meghan Hill of Monte del Sol Charter School, Ross Griego who is attending Northern New Mexico College, and Raquel Pacheco, Marilynn Gallegos, Erica Diaz and Erica Vigil of Espanola Valley High School.

See below for more images from the event and a complete list of award winners.

LANL Executive Director Rich Marquez delivers the keynote speech at Thursday's annual event. Valley Daily Post image

LANL Foundation Executive Director Jenny Parks addresses the attendees Thursday at the scholarship event in Espanola. Valley Daily Post image


More than 100 people from several communities in the seven counties surrounding Los Alamos attended the Thursday evening event as students from Los Alamos, Espanola, Taos, Mora, Las Vegas, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Pojoaque and elsewhere received scholarship awards. Valley Daily Post image

2015 Scholarship Recipients:

Gold Scholars: $20,000 ($5,000 per year for four years)

  • -Chloe Keilers, Los Alamos High School
  • -Charlotte Flory, Questa High School
  • -Alexander Ortiz, Santa Fe High School

Silver Scholars: $10,000 ($2,500 per year for four years)

  • -Alexander Swart, Los Alamos High School
  • -Mahalia Bohsali, Vista Grande High School
  • -Isabel Chavez, St. Michael’s High School
  • -Eliza Harrison, Santa Fe Preparatory School
  • -Katherine Schneider, V. Sue Cleveland High School

Domenici Scholars: $10,000 ($2,500 per year for four years)

  • -Esteban Abeyta, Los Alamos High School
  • -Alice Shao, Los Alamos High School
  • -Erika Baca, Robertson High School
  • -Roy Madrid, Taos High School
  • -Onnica Pino, Mora High School
  • -Shayline Stacy, Jemez Valley High School
  • -Raina Wellman, Academy for Technology & the Classics

Leadership Scholars: $10,000 ($2,500 per year for four years)

  • -Erica Diaz, Espanola Valley High School
  • -Dawn Penso, Taos High School
  • -Erica Vigil, Espanola Valley High School

Susan Herrera Scholar: $10,000 ($2,500 per year for four years)

  • -Francesca Gonzales, West Las Vegas High School

Bronze Scholars: $4,000 ($1,000 per year for up to four years)

  • -Sudeep Dasari, Los Alamos High School
  • -Astrid Hengartner, Los Alamos High School
  • -Everett Key, Los Alamos High School
  • -Katharine Margevicius, Los Alamos High School
  • -Megan Kuzmack, Los Alamos High School
  • -Sara Stubben, Los Alamos High School
  • -Vincent Tang, Los Alamos High School
  • -Ashvini Vaidya, Los Alamos High School
  • -William Zhao, Los Alamos High School
  • -Merilyn Beebe, V. Sue Cleveland High School
  • -Bridget Bohlin, Santa Fe Preparatory School
  • -Delaney Covelli, Naropa University
  • -Isabel de Katona, Santa Fe High School
  • -Caitlin Diefendorf, Robertson High School
  • -Eliza Donahue, Desert Academy, Santa Fe
  • -Reina Duran, Mesa Vista High School,
  • -Marilynn Gallegos, Espanola Valley High School
  • -Ariana Giblin, St. Michael’s High School
  • -Ross Griego, Northern New Mexico University
  • -Meghan Hill, Monte del Sol Charter School
  • -Andrew Hollis, Homeschool
  • -Gabriel King, St. Michael’s High School
  • -Sheri Lopez, University of New Mexico
  • -Alicia Lujan, Penasco High School
  • -Aodan Luther-Salazar, Pojoaque Valley High School
  • -Alyshia Maldonado, Pecos High School
  • -Daniella Martinez, Pojoaque Valley High School
  • -Molly Montgomery, Santa Fe Preparatory School
  • -Shay Moon, Taos High School
  • -Leonor Morrow, Taos High School
  • -Adriana Ortiz, Escalante High School
  • -Isaac Ortiz, Pecos High School
  • -Raquel Pacheco, Espanola Valley High School
  • -Andres Quan, St. Michael’s High School
  • -Arielle Quintana, Colorado State University – Fort Collins
  • -Mapiya Rakestraw, Penasco High School
  • -Lucy River, Santa Fe Community College
  • -Camille Sammeth, Santa Fe High School
  • -Jerome Sanchez, New Mexico State University
  • -Ceryndipity Schoel, Desert Academy
  • -Edith Solis, Capital High School
  • -Alberto Sosa Parada, Monte del Sol Charter School
  • -Maxwell Thurston, Santa Fe Preparatory School
  • -Lynette Torrez, McCurdy Charter School
  • -Delena Trujillo, Questa High School
  • -Steven Vigil, Penasco High School
  • -Luke Villareal, Mesa Vista High School
  • -Ursula Vold, Santa Fe High School
  • -Meagan Wheeler, Pojoaque Valley High School
  • -Giovanni Zepeda, Taos High School